[WATCH] Did America's Top Soldier ATTACK America's Founding?

America's top soldier goes woke.

James Lileks probably summed up our mad times best:

Historians, detached from history.
Cultural guardians, detached from their culture.
Nothing to defend but the need to defend nothing.

In these times we see historians fail to stand up, or even utter a peep, when our history is under attack. They’re too afraid they will get canceled by administrators bowing to or working in league with Maoist activist students. Their fear is justified. This is happening right now at the Alamo in Texas, of all places.

Our guardians include the military—which has the literal real-world mission of defending the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The oath everyone who joins the military takes includes that phrase—enemies, foreign and domestic—as enemies of the Constitution, not a particular individual or the occupant of the Oval Office or a political ideology.

But what if that Constitution is fatally undermined by pernicious politics? What if the ideology of the White House runs counter to the Constitution? What wins, the oath or the paycheck?

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley is America’s top soldier. He is well-educated—or was before wokeness slipped into his thinking. Watch today’s C’Mon Now! and see America’s top soldier launch a brazen attack on American history—damn the facts and full speed ahead. Until Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson of North Carolina delivers some real history.

Why would America’s top soldier put his life on the line to defend a nation he sees as fatally flawed?

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