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FBI Raids Home of Couple Accused of January 6 Capitol Trespassing, Aims Gun at Their Child, Father Claims

FBI Raids Home of Couple Accused of January 6 Capitol Trespassing, Aims Gun at Their Child, Father Claims
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI) raided a farm near Covington, Ga., looking for a husband-and-wife team accused of walking into the Capitol on January 6. The couple insists they didn’t enter the building and claims the FBI aimed a gun with a laser sight at their 11-year-old daughter. Forty FBI agents, reportedly arriving in four armored vehicles, moved in on the family’s farm at 7 a.m. on August 10.

Donnie Hyatt claims he was driving down his long driveway when the FBI moved in. “They had my 11-year-old daughter at gunpoint” Hyatt told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He claims his daughter had laser sights trained on her and the girl “is pretty shaken” by the whole thing. “She still shakes when she talks about it.”

Fact-O-Rama! The Daily Mail claims five people were killed in the January 6 protest gone bad. This is a blatant lie. The only person who “got killed” was Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by a Capitol cop.

Hyatt and his wife are associated with Chris Hill, the leader of a far-right militia group called the “111% Security Force.” Hyatt claims he knows Hill on a personal level, and that his wife speak with him frequently, but insists they are not members of the group.

Game On

Hill announced the raid on Hyatt’s farm on Wednesday, using a social media site called Clapper (he has been banned from Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets).

“The roundup has begun. The police state has begun,” Hill wrote. “All you have to do is simply stand on American soil and your constitutional rights are trampled, your life is ruined and you get raided, Weaver-style, in front of the family,” he continued, referencing the 1992 raid of the home of Randy Weaver, a man from Ruby Ridge, Idaho. An 11-day standoff between Weaver and the feds ensued, leaving the man’s wife and 14-year-old son dead, as well as a U.S. Marshal.

Antifa supporters couldn’t be happier with the raid on the Hyatt home.

“I don’t participate (in the militia) for this very reason—I can’t have my life destroyed” Hyatt declared.

The FBI has been criticized for arresting elderly women and families for taking selfies in the Capitol and trying to get people to rat out their families and friends.

Hyatt said that although he and his wife attended Donald Trump’s January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally outside the White House, they did not join the subsequent siege on Congress.

The FBI refused to provide comment when contacted by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Thus far no one has been charged with trying to topple the U.S. government. When 350,000 show up with Trump flags, not guns, it’s not an insurrection. It is, at best, a mostly peaceful protest (by CNN’s standards).