The Morning Briefing: Drunk Uncle Biden Struggles With English, Truth at Town Hall

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Joe Biden’s Handlers Are Sadists

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Sure, I’ll help with the new bathroom tile.


No, really, it’s only been six months.

Boy howdy, each one of these off-leash forays into the spotlight by America’s Pretender in Chief gets more painful to watch, doesn’t it? There apparently isn’t a single person on Joe Biden’s staff or in his family capable of feeling shame or embarrassment for what they’re putting this doddering simpleton through when they send him out in front of a camera. I’m starting to think they might even be enjoying this, like sadistic little boys torturing grasshoppers.

Team Biden decided that it was time to let Gropey McWhisper get fluffed by CNN again, mostly so he could once more prattle on about vaccines ad nauseam. It’s equal parts hilarious and pathetic that the brain trust running this country thinks that letting this clown babble incoherently is going to eventually be what changes hearts and minds about getting vaccinated. Whenever sane people who aren’t heartless hear Biden speak, they just want to wrap a blanket around him and help him to his chair. This guy isn’t going to be convincing anyone to do anything.


We’ll get back to the vaccine stuff in a moment.

When Biden isn’t talking about vaccines, he’s lying about voter integrity laws recently passed by Republican state legislatures. My Townhall colleague Rebecca Downs covered that last night:

Biden doubled down on his past attacks, reiterating “I stand by what I said” and phrasing it as how “never before has there been an attempt by state legislatures to take over the ability to determine who won… That’s never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever been tried before. This is Jim crow on steroids, what we’re talking about,” he said.


The handlers like to keep Biden’s repertoire simple and they make sure that he mutters “Jim Crow” at least once every time he’s allowed out of the house.

Also, even money says that Joe thinks Jim Crow plays third base for the Nationals.

Honestly, the Dems really need to shake up the tired “REPUBLICAN RACIZZZZZZZZZTS!” shtick. Repeating a lie forever doesn’t make it come true, but it seems that they’re never going to get that. It does make things really boring though. Step it up, lefties.

Once more unto the vaccines…

Twitchy covered that bundle of awkwardness:

President Joe Biden is holding his second televised town hall hosted by CNN and Don Lemon, and he’s spent the first 20 minutes or so talking about the vaccine and how important it is to get it. The question on the floor was how soon a vaccine would be available for 12-year-olds, and Biden’s train of thought took a detour off the tracks.

This guy has the launch codes.

The case could be made that this wasn’t that big of a train wreck because it happened on CNN and therefore had an audience only slightly larger than I do when my cat wanders in and watches me while I shave. Still, why can’t they just leave this guy in the White House with his coloring books and spare the country the embarrassment? Television appearances by Biden are probably the only American shows the ChiComs allow to air uncensored so their beleaguered citizens can finally have something to laugh at.


It’s obvious that Biden doesn’t have an endless supply of these appearances left in him. If we’re lucky, his handlers will realize that and begin scheduling them less frequently. I don’t think even the most ardent Beltway Dems are concussed enough to think that any of this is good.

Well, except Kamala Harris. I think I can hear her cackling from here.

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