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AOC Discovers That Republicans Want Cuba's Communist Dictatorship to Fall

Democratic National Convention via AP

Does AOC stand for “Always Open for Communists”?

The precocious tween who occupies a congressional seat from New York has suddenly discovered that Republicans aren’t fans of the brutal communist regime in Cuba and want that government to be changed. What a revelation!

Ocasio-Cortez was asked for her response to GOP lawmakers who have said the protests for freedom in Cuba are evidence that socialism and communism are flawed economic systems.

“I think it’s disappointing that Republicans are trying to make this about them, and not centering on human rights violations of Cubans and what’s happening to the Cuban people,” Ocasio-Cortez said on Tuesday after speaking at a news conference where Democrats called for the creation of a Civilian Climate Corps. 

“Right now, like, what we need to do is urgently support human rights, the right for free speech, the right for protest, and not try to vaguely allude to the possibility of U.S. intervention and regime change,” she added.

Where to start? To knock the easiest part out of the way first, communists don’t respect human rights. If you want human rights in Cuba, the communists have to go. It really is that simple.

The United States has supported regime change in Cuba since Castro’s takeover in 1959. Prior to that, Cuba had its problems but it was also a cosmopolitan playground that was the world’s nexus for cigars. Cubans made the best cigars in the world. Castro’s takeover ushered in a new level of heinous brutality, and thousands fled the country. Those exiles have thrived in the United States, which among other things suggests that critical race theory is simple-minded nonsense engineered to divide people and foist Marxism on them. The United States is so oppressive that we have three Cuban exiles in the Senate — Republicans Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas, and Democrat Robert Menendez of New Jersey — and a bunch in the House. Cubans own businesses all over the country. Two of those three senators made credible runs for the presidency, and may still be viable candidates for the most powerful office in the land. I interviewed a patriotic Cuban whose parents fled after Castro’s takeover on C’Mon Now! this week. AOC may want to carve out a few minutes from her busy social media posting schedule and watch that.

Regime change in Cuba had enjoyed bipartisan support until the radicalization of the Democrats in recent years. Presidents of both parties wanted the murderous, long-winded, weird-bearded communist thug Fidel Castro gone. President John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, even launched an invasion led by Cuban exiles to topple Castro in April 1961. The Bay of Pigs invasion failed and Castro remained in power until he couldn’t hold on anymore, at which point he passed power sideways to his brother, Raul. Castro died a near-billionaire, which was quite a feat for a communist who was supposed to share his wealth with the people. It never ever works out that way.

Castro got his revenge and worked out his hatred for our free republic by hosting Soviet nuclear missiles that were aimed directly at the American people from just 90 miles off Florida. We got a global missile crisis out of that, which Kennedy handled. We could’ve gotten nuclear war. Lee Harvey Oswald, a left-wing Castro supporter who had defected to the Soviet Union—but for some reason was allowed back into the United States—shot and killed Kennedy. That’s the official story, anyway.

But AOC blames America first because that’s so on-brand for her. It’s her go-to move.

“This issue is, it’s not just one facet, but where the U.S. has historically been the most aggressive in and where, we, you know, in bringing up the embargo you’re pointing to the U.S. role and U.S. actions because if you leave that gaping opening, my concern is that people are trying to lay the groundwork for regime change,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

Yes. Yes, we want regime change so that the Cuban people can be free at last of the communists who have enslaved, imprisoned, and murdered them — and by the way, directly threatened Americans with nuclear annihilation. I have no trouble admitting this. None at all. “Cuba libre!” has been baked into U.S. foreign policy for 62 years now no matter which party was in power. It’s also a nice little drink. You can substitute something for woke Coke if you want.

The always loquacious but never curious AOC might spend a few minutes rummaging around on Rumble. There, she’ll find more evidence to support her theory that the United States does in fact want regime change in Cuba. Here’s one Donald Trump admitting to wanting Castro gone — in 1999.

Trump may have been either a Democrat or Independent at this point. I’m not sure, to be honest. He wasn’t always a Republican. These days,  JFK would be a Republican, going by the policies and principles he espoused. He was pro-American and anti-communist. His take on tax cuts would terrify AOC and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Like the vast majority of Americans who actually know something about the world, Trump supported regime change in Cuba and still does. So did LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, Obama (allegedly), and certainly Trump. Biden’s true stance is still not entirely certain. He has the opportunity to help push the decrepit communist rump off a cliff but hasn’t. We do know Biden doesn’t want Cubans to come and live here anymore, which ought to be held over him in shame. It’s an inhumane policy unworthy of our country.

The principle of freedom for the Cuban people has never been a secret in either party or across nearly the entire spectrum of American politics. It used to be one thing pretty much everyone agreed on.

Now it’s just another milestone in the journey of personal discovery we get to witness in the life and times of the plucky but ignorant youngster known as AOC.