The Morning Briefing: Masked Panic Wusses Have the Delta Variant Vapors Now

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The oboe section was a little flat last night.

I would like to thank my friend VodkaPundit for pinch-hitting yesterday so I could enjoy the end of Kruiser Kid’s all-too-brief visit. It’s always nice to know that the Briefing is in good hands while I’m off being a social butterfly.


It was a whirlwind five days visiting friends and family. My child is an adult now, so trips to the park and Disneyland have been replaced by trips to great restaurants and craft breweries. I miss Disneyland, but the beer was good.

It had been a couple of weeks since I’d been out socializing. The last time I was out, most places still had mask signs up. I rarely wore one. I’d just wave a mask in my hand, announce I was vaccinated, and everyone was OK with that. During my daughter’s visit, we were out a lot, and most of the restaurants, bars, and stores we went to didn’t have any signs up at all. Bear in mind that I live in a city that’s mostly liberal. Almost no one wore masks.

When I did see someone in a mask, it was usually a twentysomething young adult. You know, the people who really don’t need them. It seems, as I have written on more than one occasion here, like a fetish. There are simply some people who take comfort in the mask charade.

They’re never gonna let it go.

Back in February, I wrote that the petty tyrants were going to shift gears and use the COVID-19 variants as excuses to maintain control over the brainwashed masses.

The Chicom puppets at the World Health Organization were apparently freaked out by people enjoying summer and decided to get back in the mask lecturing game:


That seems to have done the trick for the sheep among us. Stacey had a story yesterday that was yet another “not the Onion” kind of thing:

Twitter users offered Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali thoughts and prayers this morning for his overblown fear of maskless children. His tweet was almost as sad as Brian Stelter missing a deadline because he crawled into bed and cried for our pre-pandemic lives (yes, this happened and Stelter tweeted about it).

This poor, pathetic dear needs to be duct-taped to a fainting couch. Stacey does an excellent job demonstrating why Ali’s fears are irrational, the most obvious being that we are not “in the middle of a pandemic” anymore.

What is really sad about Ali’s nonsense is the number of responses he got that are sympathetic. It’s baffling that so many are still willing to cede their freedoms for science that really isn’t scientific. Again, I’m fine with them being terrified forever, as long as their nonsensical panic doesn’t lead to the return of the useless mandates.

Given what I’ve seen in the last several days, I’d say that the mask freaks are a minority whose numbers are rapidly dwindling.

As long as they are around, however, I will take great delight in the fact that my enjoyment of life terrorizes them.


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