Daily Dose of Downey: 'Pride' Riots, City Chickens, and Another Crybaby Athlete From a Sport No One Has Heard Of

Daily Dose of Downey: 'Pride' Riots, City Chickens, and Another Crybaby Athlete From a Sport No One Has Heard Of
AP Photo/Robin Rayne

Hugs, Not Thugs

New York City’s criminals are busier than Nancy Pelosi’s bartender. Every day brings another bumper crop of gangbangers, thugs, and murder suspects for police to publicize, maybe repeatedly, to get their pictures out there and have them apprehended. Yet the New York Police Dept.’s (NYPD) news Twitter account is tweeting just as many gay Pride-related posts as homicidal goons. Weird, because the Pride peeps, like the criminals, don’t want anything to do with the cops.

If they are going to tweet so many LGBT posts, maybe they could show the reality of the Pride events, like the riots.

Or at least post the video of the “revelers” beating down a 65-year-old food vendor. Or maybe post the dirt bike drive-by guy. I guess someone at the NYPD Twitter squad thinks it’s more important to post pics of half-naked gay guys in a fountain.

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Chickens Come Homeless to Roost

What does it take to shut down a homeless “camp”? Chickens. Local residents have been complaining about a heroin bivouac in New York City for six years and nothing was done until one of the vagabonds “found” some guinea fowl-looking birds she thought were chickens. Shooting up in front of kids is cool, but caged birds is where De Blasio’s administration draws the line. NYC finally cleaned up the vagrant oasis, replete with furniture, a clothing rack, and suitcases in case one of the morphiomaniacs decides to take his show on the road.

Hammer Time

Who knew the United States had an Olympic women’s hammer throwing team? Who cares what the Bronze winner thinks?

Taking a page from the Kaepernick-Rapinoe Woke Sports Playbook, the third-place winner of a “sport” no one has heard of is successfully making waves for her lack of loyalty to the country that sent her to the U.S. Olympic trials. In what is probably a publicity stunt, a black hammer-throwing athlete (I’m not using her name) decided to snub the U.S. flag after taking the bronze medal in her sport. Look for her next year peddling Subway sandwiches or Woka-Cola.