Daily Dose of Downey: FBI Never 'Found a Motive' for Scalise Shooting; White Off Duty Cop Beaten in Racist Attack; Corrections Officer Trades Burger for Sex

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

Elementary, Watson

The “Duh-DOY! Award of the Week goes to disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who somehow could never establish a motive for the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and others—by a violent liberal Bernie-loving wackjob with a history of anti-Republican rant— even after the shooter ascertained whether the people he was about to slaughter were Republicans. The same guy who wrote on his Facebook page on March 22, 2017, “Trump is a traitor. Trump has destroyed our Democracy. It’s time to destroy Trump and co.”


McCabe was fired from the FBI in March 2018 for lying several times to the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general’s investigators about his role in the bogus Russia collusion investigation into President Trump. Like all liberal, lying dog-faced pony-soldiers, McCabe now works at CNN.

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A white off-duty police officer was beaten unconscious in Jersey City, N.J., despite telling his 10 male attackers he is a police officer. The assailants are reported to have used racial epithets against the man, yet neither the slurs nor a description of the attackers has been published. This comes shortly after the AP newswire has decided to stop naming suspects and posting mugshots for minor crimes. Double standards for race crime reporting are nothing new, as per our friends at Townhall.

Happy Meal

What a way to blow your pension. Former Minnesota corrections sergeant Randy Beehler, 54, a 25 year veteran of the job, was sentenced last week for trading a McDonald’s burger for oral sex with a female inmate.

While transporting the prisoner, Beehler informed the jailbird he was stopping at McDonald’s. The prisoness said she would “do anything” for some food. Beehler asked if that meant “fooling around” and the jumpsuit nymph said yes. Beehler bought the chow then pulled over to receive his end of the bargain. The coquette-convict immediately reported the naughty-bawdy burger barter but waited until January 2021 to file a lawsuit.

The complaint, filed in Ramsey County District Court, states the woman “suffered severe emotional trauma and distress, shame, humiliation, embarrassment and invasion of privacy.”

Beehler will serve 120 days in jail and seven years probation. He will also have to take part in a sex-offender treatment program and register as a sex offender, according to the Dakota County Attorney’s Office.