Daily Dose of Downey: Stop Arguing With Guntards, and De Blasio Is NYC's Mao

AP Photo/John Minchillo

I get really cranky at myself for trying to discuss guns, gun laws, and “gun control” with turnips that know nothing about guns. This is on me. I should just walk away but noooo. I always think, if I can educate just one yoyo, change one frightened, mushy mind with facts, I will have made a difference. It’s pointless. Those minds don’t want education. They need to believe guns are for angry, sexually inadequate white men. They don’t want information, they want guns confiscated and melted down into Hot Wheels.

A Facebook lib told me my AR-15 is, ready for this, a machine gun, and I don’t need one because blah blah blah. I briefly explained the difference between semi-auto and full-auto, but his angry response is something we’ve all heard 100 times, “You don’t need a weapon of war! The 2nd Amendment is outdated because it was written in the days of the musket!” I informed him that AR-15s are obsolete on the battlefield but when the 2nd Amendment was written the musket WAS a weapon of war. You know what comes next, deflection, insults and……blocked.

I was having lunch with a lib friend in my hometown of Detroit a few years back when he said, “I don’t need a gun, I have my hands.” HAHAHAHA! Say it louder, Bozo, you just told everyone in this downtown Motor City bar you’re defenseless. Let’s see you punch your way through a hail of 9mm rounds, Popeye. Can I leave the bar first? My Walther only holds 8 rounds. Who brings a fist to a gunfight?

I am done. I can’t keep trying to talk muppets into defending themsevles. Let nature run its course. Let the soy suckers learn the reality of big-city crime. I’ve got a new Great Lake Firearms AR-15 .223 Wylde to train with which, unlike your hands, has a range of at least 300 yards.

If it Walks Like a Dolt and Quacks Like a Dolt

Are all communists this stupid or is NYC Mayor De Blasio special? Is he drunk on Russian vodka? Is he high on Chinese opium?

A hockey goalie having a rough night gets pulled from the game but De Blasio has his people slaughtered and gets to keep playing. How many bad decisions before he gets the hook? Let’s hope this next one is the clincher.

De Blasio defunded his cops by $1 billion dollars. Crime is soaring, shootings are up 68%, elderly Asian women are being stomped, and a 10-year-old was just gunned down, but the mayor has decided what New York City REALLY needs at this dangerous point is an “illegal fireworks task force.” That’s like going to the hospital for a gushing jugular and the doctor says, “Let’s take a look at that bug bite.” The only difference is the doctor would lose his job. Imagine your house is engulfed in flames and the fire department arrives to save your cat from a tree. I got fired from an office job because I forgot to send out a Fedex package. De Blasio is stacking bodies like the catacombs and keeps his gig.

In this photo taken Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014, skulls and bones are stacked at the Catacombs in Paris, France. The subterranean tunnels, stretching 2 kilometers (1.24 miles), cradle the bo

“The task force will pool the resources of the FDNY, NYC Sheriff, NYPD intelligence, Port Authority Police, NY State Police, New Jersey State Police, Yonkers Police and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)”, wrote

Apparently, Seal Team 6 was too busy. I can’t decide if De Blasio is more like the deadbeat dad who ignores his kids or the degenerate that locks his children in a hot car so he can go to the casino.