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Lefty Website Calling for Canceling Conservatives Is Stunned When YouTube Comes for Them

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File

The website Right Wing Watch–which has called for social media giants to cancel all conservative people, websites, and networks–now finds itself the target of the very cancel culture it promotes.

The people who run the anti-free speech, anti-conservative website–while presumably twisting their mustaches and bwahahaha-ing–have been censored and have had some of their videos demonetized by YouTube.

The Google subsidiary notified Right Wing Watch of its intent to suspend the website for its wrong-think and impure thoughts.

Right Wing Watch, which is run by the leftists at People For the American Way, was shocked and outraged that it would be censored by their friends at the video hosting company.

Our efforts to expose the bigoted view and dangerous conspiracy theories spread by right-wing activists has now resulted in @YouTube banning our channel and removing thousands of our videos. We attempted to appeal this decision, and YouTube rejected it.

The “nonprofit” hate site ran videos that violated the terms of service of YouTube, according to the howler sent by the Cheeto eaters in the customer service department.

While PJ Media doesn’t endorse censorship of political thought, we can’t help chuckling over this reversal of fortune: Right Wing Watch wants censorship and gets censored.

Or, as journalist Tim Pool put it, “You got burned by the fire you started.”

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Lefties continually maintain that cancel culture is fake and that only dangerous conservative thoughts are censored. As this is bunk, there was copious gloating on social media.

Censored and prosecuted “Count Dankula” mimicked what many lefties say when conservatives are canceled:

Well they are a private company and can so what they want and you don’t have a right to a platform and. … But I do hope that you get your videos re-instated, free speech is very important I’m sure you’ll agree,

Podcaster and reporter Tim Pool’s reactions were platinum:

Try joining Gab

I am very pro free speech I will no longer defend anti-speech scumbags who set fire to the system for ideological gain when they get burned by their own arson

You got burned by the fire you started We warned you that this is exactly what would happen if you push for censorship This is perfectly ironic

Jim Treacher offered “thoughts and prayers” at this difficult time.

He also pointed out how Right Wing Watch usually covers censorship — when it happens to conservatives.

“One Fine Jay” offered condolences.

Podcaster Colin Moriarty offered advice he’d gotten before.

Sorry man, better get on Vimeo.

Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative group, yawned.

This Twitter user suggested that RWW start its own YouTube.

I understand that Rumble and Parler might be willing to host you. They’re run by broad-minded right wingers. More likely, however, is that YouTube will take the calls of all RWW’s famous friends and eventually relent.