The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 63: Is Investigative Journalism Dead?

Why are there so few investigative journalists willing to put in the time to uncover the vast abuses in the judicial system as evidenced by the guardian scandals in probate and family courts that routinely go uncovered? Investigative journalist Gretchen Hammond joins me this week to get into her fight with not only the probate courts, but with media who refused to report the gross corruption she uncovered. From money laundering to elder abuse, the evidence that Hammond found is vast. But no one wants to cover it, nor do they want to seek justice for the abused vulnerable population suffering under guardianship abuse.

The American public may be the last hope for these victims. Will the public demand justice for these people who cannot speak for themselves? Will they rise up and demand that media cover these stories? Or is it over? Is investigative journalism effectively dead when independent journalists find massive corruption and the mainstream media don’t cover it? Join us for a fascinating discussion. Also check out Hammond’s open letter (linked below) that we will talk about in-depth. It’s shocking information that should be on every news channel in the nation.

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