The Morning Briefing: Still Searching for One CNN 'Journalist' Who Isn't a Lying Scumbag

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CNN Is Still the Reigning Enemy of the People

We are halfway through Normal People’s workweek. Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. ProTip: make your own peanut butter.

Before we jump into today’s main topic I’d like to thank Rush Limbaugh for giving the Briefing some love yesterday.

It is time once again to revisit my ever-growing dislike for the media company that is now permanently atop my Biased Evil list: CNN. CNN’s ascent to the top of the dirtbag pile has been an impressive one. The entire NBC News division — which includes the MSNBC prog squad — held the position for a very long time. Somewhere along the line, CNN decided that Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, and full-time Trump Derangement Syndrome were a good idea and a new devil was born.

Once more, with feeling: I will never stop calling out these idiots and their egregious bias. Not only is it my job, it’s my duty as a patriotic American with a platform because the biased leftist advocate mainstream media is one of the biggest threats to freedom we face right now.

I’m still amazed at how many legit conservatives I encounter who wonder if we need to harp on media bias so much.


CNN deserves particular scorn because each and every one of their employees — in front of and behind the cameras — is plumbing new depths all the time.

I will offer up a few new examples from yesterday and then we can all get on to deciding whether we’re really adding whiskey to the coffee or vice-versa.

The first is another moment from Fredo the Younger Cuomo, who took umbrage with the fact that Marco Rubio decided to — Horror of Horrors! — quote the Bible:

“Retrumplicans.” Isn’t that clever? Cuomo is a low-t no-talent who wouldn’t have a gig if it weren’t for the fact that his daddy and his brother, Fredo the Elder, are successful politicians. That’s why he uses Twitter moron digs at Trump supporters. No bias there at all. Cuomo then spent the rest of the day boring his shadow to death.

By the way, journalist Chris, Granny Boxwine herself admitted that she was behind blocking the relief bill.

If you thought that the anti-Trump bias of the last four years was vomit-inducing you’re going to want to avoid rich foods as members of the media transition to being full-time fluffers for Joe Biden. Check out this little gem:

(CNN) President-elect Joe Biden faces a wildly daunting first 100 days in office.

On the heels of major vaccine developments, Biden committed that his team will help get “at least 100 million Covid vaccine shots into the arms of the American people in the first 100 days.”

It will be a massive undertaking, which he acknowledged Tuesday.

CNN (as well as NBC) left an important detail out:

This is the same vaccine that the Enemy of the People kept mocking Trump for saying was going to be available by now. They’re going to memory-hole all of this because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Here is the last of Tuesday’s bias trifecta from CNN:

There has been absolutely nothing in what the president and his legal team have been doing that can be construed as a threat to democracy. There have been more than enough irregularities to warrant all of the legal challenges. This is dangerous rhetoric, especially coming from a news organization that spent four years lying about Russian interference in the 2016 election to deliberately undermine the public’s confidence in our elections.

Well, guess what, kids, it worked.

CNN has dug a hole during the Trump years that it will never crawl out of. It’s going to get even worse now that they will have to cover every day for the drooling husk they helped to steal an election.

That is going to be a karmic kick they hadn’t planned on.

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