Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: The Facebook Manners Toilet

Let Us Have Some Fun While We’re At It

Welcome, my friends, to a new semi-regular quick shot column from yours truly. I was thinking that I would like to do something quick a few times a week for our valuable VIP subscribers. Sort of like getting together for coffee just to listen to me pontificate for a few minutes. It is a vague idea, I will admit. I’m free-forming it here to begin with but some of my best ideas come to me that way.


Some days it might be a mini-rant, others something I found amusing but maybe not fitting for a long post.

I may even start doing some humorous video blurbs and posting them here. THIS IS OUR QUALITY TIME, PEOPLE. The point is just to have what the title says: a distraction.

Today I am going to rant about Facebook manners, or the lack thereof, actually. I’m writing this on Tuesday night, at the end of a fairly nice day. I woke up to my phone alerts going crazy, informing me that Rush Limbaugh had mentioned and quoted me whilst I was asleep. It was a nice shout-out. As we are all aware, pleasant surprises are few and far between this year, so this was much appreciated.

My Twitter friends were congratulatory, then I made the mistake of deciding to share the news on Facebook. I still have a lot of friends and family who are only active there so I thought the news would be worth passing along to them, despite the fact that I don’t much like Facebook.

Most of the responses were great, but the first one was a petty “one-up” response from someone who is supposed to be a friend of mine. Another response in the same vein from someone else soon followed.

I’ve got thick skin — comedians develop that early — but it did get me to thinking.

Would this person have done that if we were face to face? Almost certainly not. There is something about social media — especially Facebook — that makes people seek their shallowest selves. I know that most would say that’s what Twitter does, and that’s true to a lesser extent. Facebook is the worst though, because it’s longer form. It’s gasbag friendly, which makes the overall vibe more annoying.

I’m not looking to change the world. Social media will always encourage far too many people to channel their inner a-holes.

Just don’t be petty. It’s not a good look, especially early in the day.

Put some whiskey in your coffee and enjoy life a little more.

By the way, I’d like this to be interactive. ASK ME ANYTHING. I’ll answer.

That’s when it gets fun.


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