The Kruiser Kabana Episode 86: Ricochet's Jon Gabriel On Keeping Arizona From Turning Blue Forever

Don’t Believe the Blue Hype

One of the weirdest aspects to this recent election for me personally was the experience of living in a swing state. I was a resident of California for the previous seven presidential elections. The only swinging going on there during all that time was happening at the Playboy Mansion.

Even weirder was the fact that the swing state was my native Arizona, which had voted for a Democrat for president exactly one time in my life.


You leave for a couple of decades and they’ll let anybody in.

Now there is a lot of talk of Arizona going blue because the Biden Magic Unicorn Ballot Machine helped him to an apparent victory and gun-grabbing grifter Mark Kelly was elected to fill out the last two years of John McCain’s term.

All is not as it seems here in the Grand Canyon State, however, and my good friend and Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel joins me to talk about what can be done to keep things rather purple here, and maybe even a little red-leaning.

Jon wrote a great op-ed piece last August explaining how the politics in Arizona have shifted in recent years.

As is the case whenever Jon and I speak, the conversation eventually turned to Tucson’s Mexican food.

Thank you always, VIP subscribers, and enjoy!


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