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Bizarre Chainsaw Attack Sparks Viral 2A Video That Hits Home With Black Women

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

A man faces hate crime charges for chasing a black woman while holding a chainsaw and screaming racial slurs at her in Lincoln, Nebraska. This terrifying event could have ended in tragedy, but the victim, Norma Nimox, was able to outrun her attacker and police arrived and arrested him.

Not all victims of violent crimes are so lucky, and business owner Tieesha Essex took the opportunity to make a viral video out of the incident, encouraging women to carry firearms to protect themselves. Essex, a military veteran and police officer, owns, a company that sells firearms accessories like holsters. Posing as the victim, Norma Nimox, Essex took the story in a whole new direction. (This is a parody video, not a news report.)

Essex wasn’t prepared for how viral that video would go. In response, she asked the real victim to come on her YouTube channel for an interview.

Essex encouraged Nimox to get trained in the use of firearms and to begin carrying in order to protect herself from future violence. Essex even offered to pay for her training in Nebraska.

There is a pro-Second Amendment movement happening in black communities, where violence is prevalent. People like Maj Toure, founder of “Black Guns Matter,” have been leading the way in opening up America’s self-defense culture to minorities in need of protection. In this great video, Toure discusses his thoughts on gun control and racism.