The Morning Briefing: Barack Obama Is the Inspiration for BLM's Cop Assassination Attempts

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via AP
Barack Obama’s Cop-Hating Ways Are Putting Lives At Risk

We begin another week here at the Kruiser Morning Briefing my friends, and I thank you for being along for the ride. I hope your Monday isn’t being too Monday-ish.


As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve recently been referring to the civil unrest in the United States of America as the “Barack Obama Legacy Riots.” Sure, I’m flippant and sarcastic about a lot of things, but this one is a little more serious.

Barack Obama is the beating heart of the Black Lives Matter movement. Obama’s embrace of the false narrative about Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, helped birth BLM.

Obama began throwing law enforcement under the bus in the first year of his presidency when he blamed Cambridge police for a confrontation with a Harvard professor despite — as he admitted himself — having not seen all the facts.

Gates was arrested for allegedly disorderly conduct — a charge that was quickly dropped — after a confrontation with a police officer inside his own home. Though some facts of the case are still in dispute, Obama showed little doubt about who had been wronged.

“I don’t know – not having been there and not seeing all the facts – what role race played in that, but I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two that [the] Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home,” Obama said in response to a question from the Chicago Sun-Times’s Lynn Sweet.

Gates, Obama allowed, “is a friend, so I may be a little biased here. I don’t know all the facts.”

Facts. Who needs ’em?

By the time that attitude rolled around to Ferguson, Obama all but lit the match for the first riot fire.

The Barack Obama-inspired Black Lives Matter movement is all about hating law enforcement. It always was, despite its adherents’ protestations to the contrary. This isn’t a human rights movement that seeks justice to right some wrongs. It’s a virulent mob that wants to act out against the police.

 (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

Two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were ambushed on Saturday night in Compton, Calif., in the latest round of BLM’s open season on law enforcement. As of this writing, both are still alive but fighting for their lives after surgery. One of the deputies was shot in the jaw and still managed to call for help and attend to her partner’s wound.

At this point, one might think that the Left might opt for a big correction and condemn this kind of behavior.

One would be wrong.

The BLM animals doubled-down:

Black Lives Matter protesters made it clear that to them the deputies’ lives do not matter, nor do the lives of anyone in the hospital where the deputies are being cared for. They aligned with the cowardly gunman, celebrating the shooting.

The BLM protesters gathered at the hospital and chanted “We hope they die!”

They also blocked entrances to the hospital emergency room, according to the LA County Sheriffs’ social media.

The real problem these past several months has been that the rage mob has been supported by cop-hating Democratic officials. They wouldn’t be thriving without institutional backup. After the shooting, the city manager of Lynwood, Calif., posted a response on Instagram with a picture of Malcolm X and the quote “Chickens come home to roost.

Thanks, Obama.

 (Alyssa Pointer/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

Democrats up and down the line have been emboldened by Obama’s very public disparagement of law enforcement while in office. What we are seeing in the Democrat-run “defund the police” cities is the anti-cop Obama Doctrine coming to full bloom.


Obama’s village idiot Joe Biden is pretending to be outraged by the recent violence against law enforcement officers but he’s also been beating the “institutional racism” drum per his handlers’ instructions.

When the Obama-loving, swooning fan historians pass from this Earth and real history can be written, Barack Obama will have the blood of many law enforcement officers on his hands.

It will be the only real legacy he leaves.

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