The Kruiser Kabana Episode 67: Comedian Josh Denny on His Viral Response to Jim Gaffigan's TDS Meltdown

Comedian Josh Denny joins me for a long conversation about cancel culture, conservatives and libertarians in the entertainment industry, and his old show Ginormous Food, which aired on the Food Network.

He’s a very interesting guy who had a huge, unpleasant run-in of his own with cancel culture a few years ago. He kept his sense of humor (not as easy for us comedians as you might think), refused to let them ruin him, and found a new audience in the process.

Josh came to my attention when he had a thoughtful, very direct twitter thread response to Jim Gaffigan, who had said that he risked a lot by sharing his anti-Trump thoughts in an f-bomb laden rant on the last night of the RNC. Josh’s response went kind of viral. Here is the beginning of the thread if you want to catch up on it before listening:

You can keep up with Josh and his podcast on his site here. His new business venture WILL, which Josh explains during the interview can be found here.

Don’t forget to follow Josh on Twitter and Facebook too.

This was a fun episode. It was great getting to “meet” Josh and we’re already discussing working together.

Yeah, I need to get back on stage.



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