The Morning Briefing: DNC Night 2—Lots of Trump Hate But No Solutions

Democratic National Convention via AP
A Pattern Is Emerging at the DNC

A joyous hump day to each and every one of you, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing readers. I have high hopes for this one.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) made it official last night: they’re apparently serious about sticking with Joe Biden. Those of us who thought we were in a very long episode of the Punk’d reboot were a bit surprised. Admit it, people, a lot of us thought that Hillary Clinton’s face would take over the entire screen at some point and declare herself the rightful heir to the throne of Demlandia.


Now it seems safe to say that there will be no last-minute surprises from Granny Maojackets, although one can never be sure what might happen when Meemaw is on another breakfast-box-of-Franzia bender.

Tuesday night’s DNC affair offered another mixed bag of video guests, as the Democrats are determined to trot out every member of the backstabbing squish Republican contingent who we’ve known for four years wouldn’t be voting for President Trump. The media is presenting each one as if it’s breaking news that they don’t like the president. It’s tedious political kabuki theater and we should all thank God that the nightly coverage is COVID-shortened.

It should be noted that none of these Republicans who are getting star turns at the DNC are thought of as Republicans by any real Republican. Most of us are rather old school. We believe that when you’re voting for the Democrat in an election as important as this, you’re a Democrat. If you are at the Democratic National Convention endorsing the Democratic nominee, you’re a Democrat on steroids.

 (Democratic National Convention via AP)

Jill Biden gave a speech that was surprisingly well-received by people on both the Right and the Left. That’s encouraging, given that she will be the real president if Biden gets elected. I’m back to my theory that she so desperately wants to be Edith Wilson 2.0 that she’ll do whatever she can to prop up her husband for as long as possible.

Last night’s DNC performances affirmed that the entire Democratic platform is ORANGE MAN BAD and nothing else. Their detailed plan for change is “Joe’s a good guy.”


We can’t even be sure that Joe is Joe anymore.

It’s not unusual to attack the opponent during a presidential convention. Doing so without providing a positive alternative is a weak strategy, however. “Our guy isn’t him!” isn’t the stuff of legendary campaigns. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan in 2016 was mocked by his detractors but it was uplifting and it resonated with voters in middle America.

 (Democratic National Convention via AP)

I’m sure we can expect nothing but more of the same for the rest of the DNC, especially during the acceptance speeches. Kamala Harris isn’t exactly known for her soaring, “connect with the common folk,” rhetorical gifts.  It’ll be nothing but “Trump bad” on a loop.

And Joe’s script-reading experiment should be a real humdinger.

My PJ Media colleagues are liveblogging the DNC festivities each night. Here is the rundown from last night. Just head to our homepage tonight and the link to the liveblog will be at the top.

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