Election 2020

The Mailbox Hoax That Won't Go Away Just Got Even More Fake

(Twitter screenshot @tomaskenn)

You’ve heard the hyperventilating claims that Donald Trump is driving around America and removing mailboxes and piling them up in an empty lot somewhere so you can’t vote for Joe Biden, or something, right? It’s all a bunch of typical election year hysteria, but the liars just got caught in a really embarrassing fashion. It started with the photo that went viral that looks like someone just threw out hundreds of blue mailboxes. This Bernie Bro, Thomas Kennedy, claimed that mailboxes were thrown out right before our eyes. Welcome to the latest attempt by Democrats to smear the president: The Mailbox Hoax.

Fake news is running with the story that Trump is having mailboxes removed for nefarious purposes and they’re using this photo to prove it. A fact check at USA Today reported, “The picture — described as originating in Wisconsin — has taken off across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere, being shared hundreds of thousands of times and viewed millions of times within a few days of the earliest posts on Aug. 14, 2020.”

The photo was taken by Reuters and one journalist is calling them out to correct the record. It’s a doozy. It turns out that the facility is a refurbishing factory (that makes mailboxes great again) and the pile has been there for at least three years. Read the whole thread. Fake news is dangerous. The entire country is under the impression that the Trump administration is rounding up and imprisoning mailboxes because of this one photo taken out of context. Photojournalist Gary He did some digging and found out the truth. Read through this thread.

Why hasn’t Twitter put a warning on the mailbox hoax tweet?

Twitter has not bothered to fact check or correct the original viral tweet that made this hoax spread, but they did temporarily delete the Babylon Bee’s satire account, so we can rest assured they’re doing everything they can to combat fake news.