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Portland Antifa Rioters Almost Got a Corporate Sponsor...

Portland Antifa Rioters Almost Got a Corporate Sponsor...
AP Photo/Noah Berger

On Monday, the company Otter Pops offered to send free ice pops to antifa rioters in Portland. By Tuesday morning, the company had realized its mistake and dropped the offer.


“I wonder if [Otter Pops] supports [Black Lives Matter]?” a Portland activist tweeted. “Given out about 600 to the [Portland] community in the past 48 hours. Wonder if i could just get pallets sent to me to donate hehehe or an [Otter Pops] cart.”

“We 100% do,” the Otter Pops Twitter account responded. “Send us a DM and we will see how we can help!”

Otter Pops antifa rioters Portland
Twitter screenshot.

Andy Ngo, editor-at-large at The Post Millennial, noticed the offer and drew attention to it on Twitter. “Otter Pops is offering to donate ice pops to the Portland antifa rioters,” he tweeted.

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He told PJ Media that the PDXCarMedic account belongs to an “affinity pop up group” that gives “food and supplies to the rioters.”

PDXCarMedic has boasted about receiving large donations to buy lacrosse sticks for antifa rioters in Portland. The person behind the account shared, “I sent Beans a DM a bit ok to see if i could get 300 to finish buying the 71 lacrosse sticks tomorrow.”


PDXCarMedic appears to have used the lacrosse sticks to make umbrellas, which rioters used in violent clashes with federal law enforcement on the streets of Portland.

Otter Pops reversed its offer on Tuesday morning, claiming that an “individual consultant” mistakenly “appeared to align the brand with a political movement.”

“We regret that an individual consultant hired by Otter Pops recently commented on a social media post that appeared to align the brand with a political movement. We apologize if anyone was offended by that comment, which was not representative of our brand,” the company tweeted.


Otter Pops did not end up becoming a corporate sponsor of the Portland antifa rioters, but it seems to have come close. Perhaps the company should keep a closer watch on its Twitter account.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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