The Morning Briefing: Hapless, Terrified Dems Miss Every Time They Swing at DeSantis

The Morning Briefing: Hapless, Terrified Dems Miss Every Time They Swing at DeSantis
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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I think I’m going to retire from Instagram modeling.

Let me begin with this today: mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

There was no Morning Briefing yesterday because I was asleep. I’ve been dealing with some orthopedic issues lately — they’re all orthopedic issues after a certain age — and the pain has been keeping me awake. I finally took something to help out and it was nighty-night time for me. I had a couple of alarms set but snoozed right through them. The issues aren’t resolved, but I am no longer exhausted.

Enough of my complaining.

The Democrats have a Ron DeSantis problem and it is quite fun to watch. When they aren’t letting Donald Trump set up camp rent-free in their heads, they’re getting triggered by all things DeSantis. The Florida governor just keeps rolling along and kicking butt, despite the Democrats and their flying media monkeys attempting to savage and thwart him at every turn.

I wrote this back in July:

Whenever the 2024 conversation happens, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is always one of the first two names mentioned. During a radio hit earlier in the week, the host asked me if I thought DeSantis was peaking too early. I replied that given the fact that he’s facing another gubernatorial election he doesn’t really have a way to avoid the spotlight. I also said that I wasn’t worried about it because he keeps hitting ’em out of the park.

What’s impressive about DeSantis’s continued success is that the Democrats and the media have been working overtime to set him up and make him fail. Much to their chagrin, he keeps not failing. The Democrats, bless their hearts, seem to have not grown tired of being embarrassed by DeSantis yet.

Two months later, they are still eager to step in it.

One of my favorite things about DeSantis is that he plays the media like a violin. If Trump is a wrecking ball when it comes to the MSM, DeSantis is more of a virtuoso who finesses them into tantrums.

The latest leftist stumble while attempting to kneecap DeSantis is an attack ad that massively  backfired. Megan wrote about it yesterday:

Have you ever seen an attack ad go wrong? You’re about to. It took me a while to figure out if this was a sneaky ad made by the DeSantis campaign because it makes the governor of Florida look like such a hero. But then I realized that someone actually made this to hurt DeSantis. I don’t think it’s having the anticipated impact.

The “Remove Ron” Twitter account, which has over 130,000 followers, posted an ad with ominous music and miserable-looking people flying in an airplane that looks like a convict cargo plane. Everyone is masked and they all look like they’re there by force. As they enter Florida airspace, Governor DeSantis comes on their screens to give them a message.

“We are not doing any vaccine passports in the state of Florida,” he says. “We are not going to be bludgeoning people with restrictions and mandates and lockdowns or any of that stuff.” Meanwhile, scary images of riots and people being beaten by police are shown. It was at this point that I thought, “Oh, this is a brilliant ad! Way to go, DeSantis team.” And then I realized these video makers actually think it’s bad for him that he’s against Australian-style beat-downs for people not wearing masks. No, really! 

The flight attendant then starts announcing, “You do not have to wear a mask! You do not have to get a vaccine!” (Sounds like heaven. When is this going to get negative for DeSantis?)

American liberals just don’t get that millions of us don’t live in terror of getting breathed on in public. That’s probably because, as Kevin wrote yesterday, the corrupt media isn’t exactly rushing to report on the fact that people all over the world are protesting the mask/vax Nazis.

Back to Megan’s post. I encourage you to read the whole thing and watch the ad. It really does make DeSantis look like a superhero for freedom-loving people. Megan sprinkles a few gems in there too.

Donald Trump is the bogeyman in Democrats’ closets right now, and DeSantis is the monster under their beds who keeps them up at night. All of their hysteria-laden raving about him hasn’t worked one bit. In fact, they’re practically turning him into a legend all on their own.

If the country manages to make it to 2024, it’ll be beyond entertaining watching them try to give DeSantis the Trump treatment. Democrats are quaking in their boots about the prospect of DeSantis winning another term as governor.

Imagine the meltdown they’ll have when he’s elected president.

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