If Israel and Iran Go to War, Joe Biden Will Be to Blame

"If Israel and Iran go to war, will we get a new flavor of Ben & Jerry's?" wondered Presidentish Joe Biden. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon.)

Could Israel and Iran go to war, really? And if the worst comes, who would be to blame?

Before we get to the second question, let’s answer the first with a look at an overlooked story from earlier this week.


In a blistering speech to the United Nations on Monday — one that was mostly ignored by the mainstream media — new Israeli PM Naftali Bennett all but threatened war against Iran and that country’s nuclear weapons program.

“Words do not stop centrifuges from spinning,” Bennett warned. “There are those in the world who seem to view Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons as an inevitable reality, as a done deal, or they’ve just become tired of hearing about it. Israel doesn’t have that privilege. We cannot tire. We will not tire. Israel will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon.”

Bennett got personal with new Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, the brutal “butcher of Tehran” who murdered uncountable numbers of protestors in the early years of the mullahs’ regime.

“One of the witnesses of this massacre stated in her testimony, that when Raisi would finish a round of murder, he’d throw a party, pocketing the money of those he just executed, and then would sit down to eat cream cakes,” Bennett said. “This is who we’re dealing with.”

You can watch the full speech here:

I’d like to apologize for being a couple of days late to this story, but again, it’s been largely ignored by the American press — for reasons I’m about to make clear.


Barely more than a year ago we were celebrating Donald Trump’s Abraham Accords forging a de jure peace — and a de facto anti-Iran arrangement — between Israel and a growing roster of Arab nations.

Had Trump been allowed another four years in office, it was predicted (at least by me) that the Abraham Accords would have grown to encompass virtually the entire Arab world, with Saudi Arabia being the final Arab nation to sign on as the capstone to the Accords.

With even the Saudis on board at long last, even the Palestinians would likely have had to come to terms with Israel’s right to exist — and to exist as a Jewish nation.

Out of all the American presidents who had tried to negotiate an Arab-Israeli peace, only Trump had the imagination to see that the intransigent Palestinians would have to be brought last to the table.

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With peace between Arab and Jew, even if it might not always be an entirely comfortable peace, Iran and its imperial ambitions would be effectively hemmed in.

All Iran needed to know was there would be far fewer divisions to exploit in the region, and that America had the backs of all those who had signed on to the Accords.

That was Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s mission, and with Jared Kushner as his negotiation wingman, the mission looked doable.


That was last year.

This year, further pursuit of the Abraham Accords is a dead letter, and Israel — alone — could be forced to initiate open hostilities against Iran.

What changed?

The man behind the Resolute desk and his priorities.

Back in May, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dismissed the Accords as “tactics of the prior administration.”

Tactics? The Accords were a grand vision — and I do mean “grand.”

Worse, Presidentish Joe Biden came into office on a mission to restore former President Barack Obama’s atrocious Iran Deal.

Tehran knows two things.

The first is that there’s plenty of daylight now between the U.S. and Israel. The second is that Biden cares more for a fake peace with Iran than a real peace between Israel and the Arab nations.

If war does come over Iran’s nuclear weapons program, it will be Israel and Iran doing the fighting — but the blood will be on Joe Biden’s hands.


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