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COVID Protests Are Sweeping the World. Where's the Media?

COVID Protests Are Sweeping the World. Where's the Media?
AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File

The world has had it with COVID mandates and lockdowns. People are taking to the streets worldwide. Why won’t our leaders pay attention? Do most Americans even know about these protests? The lefty news outlets seem to “forget” the world is fighting back against COVID tyranny.

Here is an update showing some of the countries that are fighting back across the globe.


The tiny country of Slovenia just saw its second COVID passport-mandate protest. Ten thousand fed-up Slovenians attempted to shut down a freeway in the nation’s capital of Ljubljana, shouting “Freedom” and carrying signs that read “Stop Corona Fascism.” Police tried to disperse the crowd with tear gas and water cannons. The people responded by throwing projectiles of various sorts at the cops.

The protests come on the heels of the death of a healthy 20-year-old woman who died of a stroke two weeks after being vaccinated with a Johnson and Johnson vaccination. Slovenia has dropped the J&J jab until further notice.


Italy was pummeled by COVID last year. They’ve since racked up 130,870 COVID deaths, the second-highest in Europe (Britain has thus far lost 136,375 people to COVID).

Today, people are marching against what is called the “Green Pass,” which is the Brit version of a vaccine passport. The Green Pass is required to travel on planes, trains, and buses going from region to region but isn’t required for local public transportation. Italians can also travel if they are able to prove they’ve had COVID in the past six months, a caveat few other nations offer.



Protests in Ireland have been going on since at least February, 2021. The Irish flipped their wigs in July when told that only the vaccinated could enjoy a drink at a pub. Protests have continued, and an angry Irish mob recently went to the home of a high-ranking politician to let him know how unhappy they are.


Paris just saw its 11th consecutive weekend of protests over vaccine passports. Roughly 7,200 people showed up to voice their anger. Nationwide, 64,000 people took to the streets of France in over 200 locations to protest last weekend. France just announced that everyone 12 and older will now need a vaccine passport to enter public buildings and transportation.

CREEPY-O-RAMA! Joe Biden just got his first booster shot, revealing a disturbingly hairy arm that no one needed to see.


Thousands of Germans marched in late August, just before the national elections. Hundreds were arrested, some of whom were flying Nazi flags in defiance of COVID passports and vaccine mandates (swastikas are technically illegal in Germany, though this is not always enforced). Last weekend, only 250 people marched in Berlin to show their disdain for COVID passports and mandates. Germany, like Italy, will accept proof of COVID recovery to use mass transit.

FACT-O-RAMA! Nations around the world, especially Australia, have cracked down on people not wearing a mask. “The science” states many masks are marginally effective.

United States

New York has seen protests since Mayor Komrade de Blasio decided to require vaccine passports to enter gyms, bars, restaurants, museums, etc., even if you work there. One NYC protestor even showed up wearing a MAGA hat, which is as rare in New York City as a urine-free subway car. Further protests have erupted since Governor Hochul threatened to can almost 72,000 healthcare workers who wouldn’t get vaccinated. Now she’s looking at teachers. They have until October 1 to get the jab.

The Netherlands

Though Nazi swastikas are frequently seen at COVID rallies worldwide, ten guys in the Netherlands took things a step further. Dressed as Nazi officers, they “arrested” a man wearing a striped concentration camp outfit, replete with a gold star on his arm. The men signed an apology admitting they took things too far.

United Kingdom

A policeman arrested and handcuffed a woman named Sarah Everard for breaking a COVID mandate. He proceeded to rape and murder her. Protestors have used this as proof that COVID restrictions are about control, not safety.


The Australians seem to have it worse than anyone. Videos of young girls being maced and choked are all over the internet.

Bullying and abuse don’t seem to be new to Australian cops but some of the videos coming out from down under are brutal. Unarmed protestors are shot with rubber bullets, beaten, and maced. And for what? Watch this brief Twitter video to see:

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Bulgarian citizens are protesting too. Israel, seeing a boost in COVID cases, has had its share of protests this summer as well.

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