The Morning Briefing: Lying Democrats Are Anti-Vaxxers and COVID Superspreaders

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Democrats Are Struggling With the Truth Again

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’m thinking of eating nothing but taquitos for the rest of the summer.

Did we all survive the weekend? I hope the Delta variant didn’t get to everyone. Apparently, it’s EVERYWHERE.

The nonstop COVID drama is a bit much. Didn’t we all get enough of that last year?  Social media is flooded with variant and vaccination news and harassment. It’s on the other side of tedious at this point. If you listen to Team Biden and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media it’s only Republicans who are bringing everybody’s least favorite plague to new people.

As always, they’re wrong.

At some point, it would be nice if the people in charge started getting things right, but that seems like a big ask when it comes to this pandemic. Bureaucratic incompetence is nothing new, but this clown car is spectacularly awful.

My RedState colleague Nick Arama wrote yesterday about the brave, bold Texas Democrats who ran away from work and are now staging their own COVID superspreader party:

I think we can officially call the runaway Texas Democrats flight to Washington, D.C., a “super spreader” now.

They announced on Saturday that three people had tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.

Then today, it was announced from the Texas House Democratic Caucus that two more have now tested positive, including Trey Martinez Fischer, who represents San Antonio’s 116th District. So that’s five total of the group, so far. The only other person of the five identified at this point has been Celia Israel of Austin, who said she was having mild symptoms of the virus. The rest of the five similarly were described as having no or only mild symptoms. Martinez Fischer said he would quarantine until he tests negative. All of them were allegedly fully-vaccinated.

That’s not going to help convince the 14 or so people who were still sitting on the fence about getting vaccinated to finally get the shot.

Rick wrote Sunday about the roots of COVID-vaccine skepticism. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Andrew Cuomo were all vocal about their worries about the vaccine last year. The last time I checked, none of them were Republicans. They were haters because the vaccine was being developed when Trump was president. The MSM has a case of convenient amnesia when it comes to this fact. We’ve got the hack squad at CNN demanding to know Tucker Carlson’s vaccination status while accusing him of endangering lives because he won’t brow-beat his viewers about their personal health choices.

When Los Angeles County reinstated mask mandates last week. Health officials there said the recent spike in cases was due to not having met vaccination targets. I pointed out in a column on Thursday that Los Angeles County is overwhelmingly liberal. Either virtually every Republican who lives there isn’t vaccinated or there are a lot of liberals who aren’t getting with the program.

Team Biden and Anthony Fauci keep accusing Republicans of making this a political issue. In reality, they’re the ones who are doing that. I know maybe six people who have opted not to get the vaccine, but most of the conservatives I know have been vaccinated. This is only a political issue because Democrats and the leftmedia can’t make a point without demonizing Republicans.

It never occurs to them that they would be trusted more if they’d stop lying.

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