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Nutty Socialist Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant Gets Involved in Her Recall Campaign for All the Wrong Reasons

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File)

Kshama Sawant has many firsts in her tenure as the nuttiest socialist on the Seattle City Council.

She claims to be the “first socialist elected in Seattle in a century.”

She’s the first to embrace getting rid of cops, leaving her constituents defenseless.

She encouraged the establishment of the disastrous “Summer of Love” CHAZ/CHOP Black Lives Matter/antifa occupation and blamed the violence there on President Donald Trump.

She’s the first to lead rioters to a sitting mayor’s home.

The first to lead Black Lives Matter into the COVID-closed City Hall.

The first to want to kill a successful Seattle-based company, which provides jobs for thousands and thousands of her constituents.

The first to want free rent in perpetuity for her constituents (and herself), helping to bankrupt people who own the properties.

In short, Kshama Sawant doesn’t want her constituents to be safe or have jobs of which she disapproves. She’s a tough mistress.

And she may be the first to “help” her own recall campaign. And not in a good way.

Fringe doesn’t begin to characterize her political beliefs.

She believes, without evidence (as CNN likes to say), that socialism will deliver utopia to the masses, though it never has worked in all the times it has been tried (see Venezuela, Cuba, the Soviet Union, et al).

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But there are two things the Indian transplant knows: She knows how to grift – and how to community organize.

Sawant calls the quite reasonable recall campaign a “right wing big business” recall campaign.

Please stifle your laughter.

Notwithstanding the fact that there’s barely a vestige of a scintilla of visible right wingers in Seattle, Sawant casts herself as the damsel in distress who must call out her vast army of leftist “Davids” from socialist groups to save her from the Goliaths.

The socialist “economics lecturer” – God help those students –  turned city council woman faces a recall for many of the stated reasons above, but Sawant has begun to embrace the recall campaign in a way unforeseen by people who want her out.

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MyNorthwest reports that the leftist council member has commenced “RF-ing,” in the finest Donald Segretti fashion (look it up), to blow up the recall. She is, in short, co-opting the recall campaign to direct when it’s most advantageous to her to hold the election.

While the [anti-Sawant] group has until mid-October before its window expires, a recent fundraising mailer indicated that it was hoping to meet an Aug. 1 deadline to make the November election ballot, and that it had already gathered over 9,000 signatures.

Sawant then called a press conference late last week, claiming that the campaign was actually aiming for a lower-turnout special election early in 2022, and accusing it of seeking to suppress the will of District 3 voters. That saw her urging supporters to begin gathering signatures for the recall in order to make November’s ballot, under the assumption that the higher turnout election will attract larger quantities of progressive voters.

And she’s also attempting to taint recall petitions with intentionally bad signatures as well as collecting signatures of people who want her out and then … allegedly throwing the signature sheets away.

[T]he campaign claims it is her supporters who are trying to suppress voters, and that it believes “third parties” may be disposing of signatures they’ve gathered.

While the recall’s lawyers say that they “welcome her assistance” in moving the effort forward, campaign manager Henry Bridger claims that the group has “already received tainted petitions from Sawant supporters with fictitious names and fraudulent signatures.”

The complaint asks King County Elections and/or the King County Prosecutor’s Office to inform Sawant that signatures “must be formally validated and submitted” by the recall campaign.

There are legitimate reasons to kick Sawant off the council beside the fact that her beliefs don’t comport with most normal folks.

She’s admitted to the ethics violations she’s been accused of, for one.

In a Friday settlement agreement with the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission, Sawant admitted to improperly using city money, employees and other resources to support a proposed ballot measure. She also agreed to pay the city $3,516, about twice the amount of city funds she spent to advance the measure to create a payroll tax on big businesses like Amazon.

Sawant’s admission that she violated city ethics and elections codes confirms one of three charges now being made by the recall effort.

She’s been caught self-dealing.

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The recall campaign needs to gather 10,739 legit signatures from the district over which she rules and they hope to do it in time to put it on a ballot soon.

Her current tenure ends in 2023.

For many people in Seattle, that’s not soon enough.