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'Don't Fauci My Florida' Merch Riles Democrats

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Poking fun at the Great God Fauci is a quick way to anger Democrats who hate being reminded how wrong he’s been about the pandemic. That’s probably why Democrats are up in arms over merchandise being sold on Governor Ron DeSantis’s website with the slogan “Don’t Fauci My Florida.”

There’s the beer koozie with the caption, “How the hell am I going to be able to drink a beer with my mask on?” — a remark made by DeSantis in response to a Fauci criticism of Florida.

Indeed, criticism of Fauci has unhinged some Democrats. Teachers’ union president Randi Weingarten rushed to Fauci’s defense with a hysterical tweet criticizing any criticism of him.

Really, Randi? “Millions” of Floridians are going to die? Since the beginning of the pandemic, 38,327 people in Florida have died of the coronavirus, so DeSantis better get busy if he’s going to reach that goal.

Weingarten is only one of many Democrats to get hysterical about mocking Fauci.

Fox News:

Many on the left have criticized DeSantis over the past year for his handling of the coronavirus and some took to social media this week to slam the Republican for selling the koozies.

“DeSantis is a well educated crackpot with no allegiance to our country, his constituency or the truth,” former Vermont Governor Howard Dean tweeted.

MSNBC host Joy Reid called DeSantis an “ignorant ghoul” and The View’s Ana Violeta Navarro-Cárdenas called the merchandise “freaking stupid.”

In effect, DeSantis and Fauci are the yin and yang of America’s response to the pandemic. Fauci stressed caution above all else, while DeSantis believed freedom and personal responsibility were what was needed.

DeSantis and Fauci have been on opposite ends of the politicization of the coronavirus pandemic, with the governor vocally opposing Fauci’s insistence on social distancing and lockdowns and opting instead to push for individual responsibility and protecting the state’s economy.

The public feud between Fauci and DeSantis dates back to last year when the doctor publicly criticized DeSantis for opening up Florida’s economy at a pace he felt was too rapid.

No doubt, all those millions of dead Floridians agree with Fauci.

It’s perplexing that Democrats would be hypersensitive about making fun of Fauci. Pointing a finger and laughing at the powerful demystifies them and makes them more human. Mocking those in charge is truly “speaking truth to power.”

You would think that Fauci would be pleased to be so famous as to become an object of ridicule. Alas, Democrats — like almost all politicians these days — have extraordinarily thin skin.

Those “Don’t Fauci My Florida” T-shirts are only $12 a pop. Might be a valuable memento if DeSantis is elected president someday.