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Masks Are Back in L.A. County Because Libs Are Really Anti-Vaxxers, Too

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Liberal L.A. County Forced to Mask Up Again

America’s Fakest Physician Anthony Fauci has spent the last several days decrying the “politics” that he blames for many Americans’ reluctance to get vaccinated, which Matt wrote about last week. Fauci is a liberal bureaucrat, so he’s obviously unfamiliar with the concept of making an informed personal choice. The version of the story told by Fauci, the mainstream media, and Joe Biden’s handlers is that it’s the crazy right-wing nutjob conservatives who are anti-vax.

The New York Daily News:

A political “schism” over getting vaccinated against coronavirus is putting Americans’ health at risk, particularly as cases of the delta variant are surging around the country, the nation’s top infectious disease expert said on Sunday.

The country needs to “just put politics aside” to beat the deadly virus, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told ABC’s “This Week.”

A dramatic political gap was exposed in a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll that showed 93% of Democrats said they were vaccinated or planned to get jabbed, but only just 49% of Republicans said the same.

While it’s true that polls are even bigger garbage than the mainstream media, this illustrates the lengths to which the Left will go to blame Republicans for everything bad about COVID-19.

If any serious spikes in COVID cases led to a return of mask mandates, surely that would happen in a place that’s loaded with conservatives, right?



LOS ANGELES — A rapid and sustained increase in COVID-19 cases in the nation’s largest county requires restoring an indoor mask mandate even when people are vaccinated, Los Angeles County’s public health officer said Thursday.

L.A. County Health Officer, Dr. Muntu Davis said at a virtual press conference that a public health order requiring masks indoors will go into effect Saturday.

I lived in Los Angeles County for almost 25 years. I’ve only been gone three years but I’m sure that the demographics haven’t changed. If memory serves me well — and it usually does — Los Angeles County is positively reeking with a Democratic majority. Almost three-quarters of the registered voters there are Democrats and, trust me, the majority of those who aren’t registered are also libs.

What in the world could be the problem? Surely a county with just under ten million people that’s predominantly liberal doesn’t have a vaccination problem.


Davis said the county is “not where we need to be” in terms of vaccinations against the virus, as evidenced by seven straight days of new cases numbers that topped 1,000. On Thursday, the county reported 1,537 new infections, the highest number since early March.

Asked what additional restrictions health officials might take if the rise in COVID-19 cases worsens, Davis said: “Everything is on the table.”

Unless millions of toothless Republican rubes from the icky flyover hinterlands moved to Los Angeles in the last month, it would appear that a whole bunch of libs aren’t getting their vaccines either.

We will no doubt continue to be subjected to Fauci and Co. rending their garments while screaming, “ZOMG, REPUBLICANZZZZZZ!” In reality, opposition to vaccines has been one of the most bipartisan issues in America in recent years.

But where would the Democrats be without lying about and demonizing Republicans?

Extinct as a political party, that’s where.