The Morning Briefing: The GOP Isn't in Turmoil, It's Growing the Hell Up

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. This will go a lot better if we each eat some garlic.

This week has certainly not lacked for drama, has it? I’ve been chugging coffee and attacking each news cycle with something almost approaching giddiness. Sure, a lot of the news is garbage, but I like my job. If you have to pay attention to the news every day, you might as well figure out a way to enjoy doing it. I have.

I swear, I’m sober.

There was a lot to choose from when pondering what to lead off with this morning. I was tempted to write about Ol’ Gropes again, but as I said, I’m sober. I want to stay that way a while longer. I will give brief mention to a rather disturbing post that Tyler wrote, however. It details the fact that 124 retired generals and admirals have confirmed our worst nightmare: the current president of the United States of America is a drooling moron who is mentally unfit to deal with a military crisis.


I’m going to focus on the big day that the House Republicans had yesterday. The vote to send Liz Cheney to the back bench dominated the news for a couple of reasons. The first is that the mainstream media hacks are desperate for anything that will give them a few hours respite from having to look at the unmitigated disaster in the Oval Office they’re tasked with propping up.

The second is that they’re heavily invested in keeping a narrative going that describes the GOP as a party in turmoil and without a moral center. Only four months into the Biden administration, I’m pretty sure they’re all aware they won’t have much positive to run on in 2022. Their only real hope is in what they perceive as demonizing the Republicans by firmly linking them to Donald Trump.

What they fail to grasp is that they’re only accomplishing a reinforcement of beliefs in people who are never going to vote Republican anyway. What are they going to do now, really super-duper not vote Republican?

The Republicans who will facilitate taking the House back in 2022 are energized and emboldened by the media’s continued attempt to stigmatize their association with Trump.

Liz Cheney is not one of those Republicans.

As I wrote in my latest column, the shrieking from the Democrats about Cheney’s ouster is the surest proof that House Republicans made the correct decision. The Democrats are terrified by the prospect of a Republican Party that is imbued with Donald Trump’s fighting spirit. They know that they can roll over a GOP that’s full of Never Trump types. Because they are still so caught up in this Biden delusion, they are almost completely oblivious to the fact that there aren’t many in the Never Trump camp.

Contrary to the narrative, the GOP isn’t having a civil war or in a state of soul-searching turmoil. It’s growing up and steeling itself for perhaps its most important midterm election year in its history. It is doing what earlier versions of the party didn’t have the temerity to do.

It’s all just beginning to get interesting.

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