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Ron DeSantis Would Have Dealt With the Border CRISIS By Now

AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

Joe Biden called a lid at 3:34 p.m. Tuesday while the world boiled over in crisis.

The crises aren’t just “over there.” They’re right here — gas lines thanks to the hack of a key energy pipeline, inflation, and now stubbornly high unemployment.

Then there’s the crisis at the border, which Biden pretends isn’t a crisis as long as he and his administration don’t use the word “crisis.”

It’s a crisis.

Texans living along the border and several counties inland are becoming enraged by the chaos on the border. Every day, sometimes multiple times per day, coyotes driving stolen vehicles full of illegal aliens drive through fences and across Texans’ land, endangering people, livestock, and property along the way.

Texans are finding illegal migrants on their property, even peering into the windows of their homes where they and their children live. They are finding abandoned clothing and garbage, even abandoned stolen vehicles, strewn on their property.

The number of crimes involved in this type of human smuggling stack up quickly — grand theft auto, human trafficking, crossing the international border illegally, property damage, and trespassing, just to name a few. Some of the humans being trafficked are girls and many of them are not being brought into this country just for a “better life.”

They are being brought into the United States to be sex slaves.

Joe Biden is enabling all of this, including the sexual slavery being imposed on young girls, right here in the United States in 2021.

Where are the wokes to condemn this modern-day slave trading?

The ones who occupy bylines in the media? And play in the NBA?

They. Don’t. Care.

Then there is the economic boom the chaos is providing the drug cartels. They’re winning, and Mexico is being further destabilized. American taxpayers are paying for who-knows-how-many illegal migrants to be processed, taken to hotels, fed, put up in camps, even flown across the country. We’re already massively in debt and the economy is struggling to recover from the COVID lockdowns. We do not need this additional burden.

Nearly 20 counties across Texas are now in some form of emergency because of the ongoing crisis. Local public safety and other services are becoming overwhelmed if they are not already. On Tuesday, a cache of AK-style weapons was discovered on the border. It surely belonged to cartel operatives.

Texans know by now that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who has been absent from the job of dealing with the border since the day Biden appointed her to it, will offer no help at all. They’re intentionally fostering lawlessness. They started on day one and have not let up in their total dereliction of duty. This is now baked into the issue. We do not have a president who loves or will defend this country. Biden’s abdication is cruel both to Americans in the affected areas and to the migrants being exploited.

Where, though, is Gov. Greg Abbott? Where is the Texas Legislature? What are they doing while a region of Texas that’s larger than many states is engulfed in lawlessness?

What will they do when it turns violent — when cartels march in, when a rancher has to defend herself from a group of migrant men, or something else awful happens?

They have been playing catch-up on several laws that other red states are passing, from election security to battling against woke critical race theory in our schools.

They haven’t done anything effective on the border yet. Will they?

If Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis were president, everyone with a clue knows we would have no border crisis. DeSantis wouldn’t have irresponsibly rolled out the welcome mat or done away with effective policies out of childish spite, as Biden did. DeSantis has smartly led his state throughout the COVID crisis and continues to advance freedom just about every day. He would not have fostered and abetted the crisis as Biden has.

What if Ron DeSantis were governor of Texas?

That’s a question that’s bound to make more than a few people squirm in my state.

Because it’s obvious that he would have dealt with the border by now. DeSantis would have led and he would have shut the chaos down hard.

Abbott hasn’t. Perhaps his pollsters are telling him not to worry, or not to deal with it so it festers as a problem for Biden, or something similar.

It’s a crisis. Texans are suffering. Dealing with crises in Texas is the Texas governor’s job. If the Biden administration won’t defend the border, the state must.

Yet the crisis continues. I hear from numerous Texans in the affected counties nearly every day.

They are begging for leadership.