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Gen. Nicholson says Russians promoting "false narrative" that "there are thousands of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan" to justify their support to the Taliban.
"We still have the responsibility to govern."
Jones says one of the “real threats” to the U.S. economy is the “debt-to-wealth ratio."
"You know, he is tough on our allies, but it is tough love, OK? It’s love."
Cruz: Former senator has "incredible insight" on "importance of NATO to serve in opposition to Russian aggression."
Putin "making mischief beyond Russian borders will not restore" Russians' "fortunes or rekindle their hope."
"I don’t believe in diplomacy by public abuse, but in my bilateral dialogues I won’t let anything pass," French president says.
"And I never asked once what the new NATO headquarters cost... But it is beautiful."
Poor Milo Đukanović?
Do we want him to be tough on them though?
He hasn't always been a fan...
"Send a strong signal that the United States continues to prioritize our relationship with longstanding allies."