Nigel Farage Rips Biden: 'We Cannot Trust America With This Man in Charge'

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The Biden administration is hoping the debacle in Afghanistan will fade from view. They think Americans are so easily manipulated that a pivot by their allies in the corporate media to domestic issues will distract from the horror show we all just witnessed. One Twitter user summed it up this way, “If you ever feel stupid or useless, remember, it took about 20 years, trillions of dollars, and 4 US Presidents to replace the Taliban with the Taliban.”


Most of us are old enough to remember when the corporate media assured us the Biden administration was a return to competence. Upon his election, Joe Biden himself said, “America is back!” The promised return to normalcy feels anything but ordinary. We abandoned our allies during the withdrawal from Afghanistan, increased skepticism among regional partners, and emboldened our enemies. The fallout from this failure will be felt in the days, weeks, and years to come in ways Americans are not accustomed to after decades as the world’s only superpower.

Speaking about the Afghanistan withdrawal, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “This is an extremely bitter development. Bitter, dramatic, and terrifying.” Her potential successor in the imminent election, Armin Laschet, said, “It’s the biggest debacle that NATO has suffered since its creation, and it’s a change of era that we are confronted with.” The media accused the White House of scrubbing the readout of a call between Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron, who was critical of the withdrawal.

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For the first time in my life, members of UK’s Parliament and the House of Lords condemned the United States. Members of Parliament united in holding President Biden in contempt for his handling of the withdrawal. Lord Ricketts stated, “Confidence in NATO has been damaged. China is the main beneficiary of President Biden’s decision. ‘America is back’ now sounds rather hollow—’America is backing down’ fits the case better.” Lord Robathan added, “The humiliation and disaster of the West is appalling. The West is seen as an unreliable ally.”


Nigel Farage added color to how isolated the U.S. could be going forward. In an interview with Glenn Beck, he said, “It hurts me to say this. But for Biden to unconditionally withdraw from a military mission after 20 years without any planning or any foresight as to how we get our nationals out in the case of a Taliban advance, and to do it without even consulting the British Prime Minister and refusing to answer his phone call for almost 48 hours sends a message to us. And the message is we cannot trust America, despite it being our closest partner for over 100 years. We cannot trust America with this man in charge.”

Farage went on to say that the actions of the Biden administration in Afghanistan will impact the ability of NATO to function and possibly even survive. “The damage that Biden has done to America’s international reputation couldn’t be greater.” The UK has warned citizens that the threat of terrorism has increased with the withdrawal. Farage noted that the images of Taliban soldiers in American gear using the billions in equipment left behind are appalling to Europeans.

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After noting the importance of the UK-U.S. military alliance, Farage noted that even more important was the intelligence sharing between the two countries. He said he is not sure how even that relationship may go forward with the Biden administration. He lamented: “With three and a half more years, three and a half years, for this administration to run, I have to ask myself how much more damage they can do?” Farage predicts that if there is any increase in jihadist terrorism in Europe or anywhere in the world, the blame will fall squarely on the Biden administration.


In the central Asia region, potential partners are becoming skeptical of U.S. power. Despite Biden’s assertion that withdrawing from Afghanistan will allow the U.S. to focus on competition with China, others claim the move emboldens China, Russia, and Iran. According to Nikkei Asia:

In reality, the void opened by America’s retreat has only given greater strategic space for China, Russia and Iran to expand their strategic footprints. For securing oil deliveries, the Taliban are now paying a cash-strapped Iran in dollars from their lucrative narcotics trade.

China, with its long-standing ties to the Taliban, including supplying weapons via Pakistan, has taken the lead in portraying the U.S. as a declining power whose ditching of the Afghan government demonstrates that it is an unreliable partner for any country.

State Department spokesperson Jake Sullivan is very proud of a strongly worded letter outlining America’s expectations of the Taliban. After the withdrawal ended, he touted the fact that over 100 countries signed a letter demanding safe passage. While our NATO allies signed on, Russia and China did not. Sullivan also shared a UN Security Council resolution passed demanding that the Taliban provide safe passage for Americans, third-country nationals, and Afghan allies. Permanent members Russia and China abstained.


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China is already menacing Taiwan and telling them that the United States will not help them. Sadly, the CCP propagandists may be telling the truth. Western countries left Hong Kong to the the CCP’s predations without so much as a whimper despite the thousands of protestors in the street. The last three U.S. administrations didn’t stop China from building military outposts in the South China Sea.

President Biden tried to convince America that the Afghanistan withdrawal was a success when he addressed the nation Tuesday. It is becoming crystal clear that no other country views it this way. When America fails to lead, the world becomes less safe, less secure, and more tragic. As we face these threats, which are sure to increase at home and abroad, America will find itself increasingly isolated. Like the cheese in the children’s game “The Farmer in the Dell,” we may find ourselves standing alone.

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