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Civil War

Also says the president is "complicit" in Khashoggi murder...
"The Civil War was really bad, but since then this is pretty terrible."
Personalize it, polarize it, destroy it.
Both sides know that in the struggle for the soul of America, there can be only one winner.
One of the first things Kay Ivey did after taking over the Alabama governor’s office from Robert Bentley – who resigned facing a sex scandal – was sign the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017.
They're not interested in "coexisting" with conservatives...
"There are plenty of really heroic Americans who have stood for our values that could replace those statues in Statuary Hall," argues Schakowsky.
They are a "barrier to our important work on racial justice and racial reconciliation."
"Both sides are heavily armed."
"Has he shown that he is fit for office?"