Transgender Gypsy Heckler Takes Over Chuck Schumer's Press Conference

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It seems that Maxine Waters’ advice to citizens to follow elected leaders everywhere they go and give them hell is being taken seriously by not only the left-wing radicals but by the newly radicalized right, too. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) got a jarring earful from one of his constituents recently.


After humiliating Schumer with some (often hilarious) insults (that I won’t reprint here, but hit the play button and thank me later) the self-identified transgender gypsy pointed out that the Democrats can dish it out but they sure can’t take it. We all remember the summer of rioting we all endured while Democrat mayors in every city on fire ordered police to stand down and allowed the rioters to burn and loot.

“I’m glad [the Capitol rioters] did what they did!” said the heckler. “Like Nancy Pelosi said, ‘People do what they do.’ She doesn’t care about monuments and neither do I,” she said, referring to the destruction of American monuments all over the country by BLM and antifa.

“Did you tell the Capitol Police to stand down? Did you tell them to stand down? Answer the question,” she screamed. “He told the police to stand down in Kenosha, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

And then the heckler predicted more violence. “These Trump supporters are going to go to your house. They’re going to go to Pelosi’s house. They’re going to destroy her vineyards and I will be right there to support them.”


It’s not so much fun when your enemies start using your playbook, is it, Chuck? While not endorsing anything this woman says or has done at any point in her life, I think she brings up some valid points.

For one, who is responsible for the police appearing to stand down at the Capitol during the riots? Are we ever going to get an answer on that? It should be a simple yes or no answer. Did anyone order the Capitol Police to stand down and let the crowd in? This is a question Schumer should be asked but it appears that the only way he’s going to get asked is by hecklers doing the media’s job for them.

Now that the right has its own radicalized protesters willing to go to similar lengths, breaking laws and killing people, the Democrats jump to call in the police they hated over the summer and seek prosecutions. Republicans have always been in favor of prosecuting lawbreakers. This kind of double-standard is making people like the transgender gypsy unconcerned about what happened at the Capitol riots.

Democrats whine about “unity” but do nothing to preserve it. They’re still out there painting all Trump supporters as violent criminals. That’s how you get more anger, not less. And it’s going to push more people beyond the edge of reason. This is not a scenario that makes any sense if you want peace, which leads me to believe Democrats do not want peace at all. And since they keep pushing people to madness, why aren’t they charged with inciting insurrection? Let’s impeach them all.


I condemn violence and vandalism against anyone and I’m getting worried I’m in the minority. The left is working overtime to start a war and some on the right are signaling that they’re all in. This isn’t calming down. It’s getting worse. Impeaching Trump is another match to a tinderbox and yet, Democrats can’t help but light it. If they do that they are responsible for the backlash that is sure to come. They’ve been warned. Why don’t they back off? It’s not because they have a righteous cause. At this point, it’s nothing but meanness and cruelty.

The Revolutionary War was fought by a small minority of colonists. That fact concerns me because we may be dragged into a civil war whether we want it or not. Where are cooler heads? Where are our leaders who can read the room and see that they are playing a dangerous game that can get a lot of people killed? It’s time to lower the national temperature and compromise. Democrats have the responsibility to stop their mad revenge schemes against Trump now. He will be exiting the office of the presidency in a matter of days. Any more attempts to hurt him unnecessarily are an outrageous provocation and should be considered incitement to violence.


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