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Air Force

We're using ordnance much faster than we can replenish the supply.
Both Glenn Greenwald and MSNBC's Chris Hayes had attacked PJ Media's reporting.
Bill takes a deep dive on the USS Pasadena in this "Afterburner."
Earnest: Close fly-bys, barrel-roll "did not necessitate a presidential level conversation."
Dozen U.S. personnel punished over strike on Doctors Without Borders facility.
"This kind of unprofessional behavior by its nature creates a dangerous circumstance."
"We're working through it" as policy drafted to allow transgender to serve openly.
English-subtitled video states "the hearts of America and its allies were broken when some rotten heads ...were cut off."
Tells Air Force grads "when we panic, we don't make good decisions."
Thunderbird and Blue Angels crashes along with several Fort Hood soldiers killed by floodwaters.
Base locked down as officials determine a misunderstanding led to 911 report.
Erdogan knows "who needs to be arrested," James says amid purge, extradition request.