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Air Force

Up to $8 billion in damage to top fighter jets.
Wilson said national shortage of air crew affects USAF "because we are so good at training people how to fly and the airlines know it."
Drone pilot shortage has bounced back, though, as USAF secretary describes drone operators "flying remotely six days a week, 12 hours a day, never -- never a break."
Censoring the name of God, by force.
Taliban said in a statement last week that unless they can establish a sharia state, then they "do not have other choice except resistance and jihad."
Secretary Wilson: "We are too small for all the missions that we're being asked to carry out on behalf of the nation... we're burning out."
Defense Department inspector general opening broader review after Devin Kelley's domestic violence wasn't entered in background check database.
Christians in both the public and private sector should prepare to face the same consequences.