The Morning Briefing: Nobody Is Really in the Mood for President Harris to Happen

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(Note: The Sine Qua Non Sequitur will be taking the week off in recognition of International Panic Day (18), the Summer Solstice (20), and Kruiser's birthday (22). It will return next week tanned, rested, and ready. We hope.)


You know, it would be kind of a relief if all the videos of Joe Biden looking like a catatonic extra from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" were actually the "cheap fakes" that his water carriers are calling them. It might be nice if the nation's chief executive could string together three sentences during internationally televised events without having an episode. 

We can all dream. 

As we have been discussing all week, the body of evidence that Joe Biden is not present in our reality mounts seemingly by the hour. Matt wrote about the most recent incident

The following video shows Joe Biden slowly lurching along before slowly — and I mean ridiculously slowly — getting into an SUV as a Secret Service agent stands behind him to ensure he gets in the vehicle safely.

It's yet another video that is uncomfortable to watch and would garner sympathy if he and his handlers weren't busy shredding the Constitution. I don't think that his alleged stutter is what made him struggle with the simple task of seating himself in a motor vehicle. 

All of Biden's mental and physical frailty has tongues everywhere wagging about if, when, and/or where the Dems will make their move to replace him. There are probably monks in Tibet who have a monastery pool betting on who that replacement might be. 

The conversation tends to focus on how the party will make a move at the Democratic National Convention to shake up the ticket. 


One thing that's not getting much buzz is the fact that if Biden can't even make it to the convention, a new president will be chosen by the Constitution, not the Democratic Party. Her name is Kamala Harris. 

This is all speculation that is impossible to avoid these days. I'm still sticking with my belief that nobody is going to get Jill Biden out of the way, but it is fun to kick around alternative scenarios. 

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There are still two months to go before the DNC in Chicago. The odds of Biden going into perma-glitch mode before then are increasing every day. There is a very real possibility he will soon do something that even his media lapdogs can't cover for. If that happens, enter President Harris. 

The thing about that very real prospect is that it doesn't make anyone happy. It's no secret that most Democrats are no more fond of Madame Vice President than Republicans are. I'm fairly certain that's behind the feverish attempt to create the "cheap fakes" false narrative. White House Press Secretary and primary argument against DEI Karine Jean-Pierre was busy pushing that again yesterday

KJP was getting some help, too. I read a lot of backup in several MSM outlets, and my RedState colleague Nick Arama writes that CBS News posted an almost five-minute video to prop up the narrative. Nick also explains that CBS didn't do a very good job of it. 


It's tough to counter an overwhelming amount of video evidence. 

The Democrats would no doubt prefer to keep Biden in place because they know he can be controlled. His wife has that covered. Most people think that Barack Obama and his people are in control of the cabal that runs Biden's brain, but I'm convinced it's Mrs. DOCTOR Jill. If her husband does manage to do something so egregious that he removes himself from the scene, the Dems will no longer have a comfy puppet president situation in place.

Kamala Harris will have ideas of her own, and they'll all be awful. 

It's important to stress that even though the Democrats aren't thrilled with Harris, they are still all-in on being the alleged party of diversity. Given Biden's unexpected struggle with Black voters this year, they won't be looking for any buses to throw her under. In fact, they may see Harris as the ticket to winning back the disaffected portion of the Black electorate. 

There, I played the "What if it's not Biden?" speculation game.

Be careful what you wish for. 

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