Yikes! KJP Refuses to Answer a Simple Question About Biden’s Mental Health

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Joe Biden has been plagued by a series of viral videos of him having senior moments that have called his mental health into question. The White House has landed on the strategy of gaslighting Americans by calling these videos "cheap fakes."


The videos that have gone viral have only reinforced what Americans already know: Joe Biden is too old and cognitively impaired to be president. So what exactly is the White House doing besides lamely claiming the videos are cheap fakes?

One thing that Karine Jean-Pierre was curiously reluctant to do was say unequivocally that Joe Biden is well.

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During Monday's White House Press Briefing, Newsmax reporter James Rosen repeatedly asked Biden's chief propagandist to confirm that Biden's cognitive health is "fine." She wouldn't (or couldn't) do it.

"The majorities of American voters who are telling pollsters repeatedly for years now that they have serious concerns about this President’s cognitive fitness are being misled by cheap fake videos? Is that what you’re telling us?" Rosen asked.

"I’m saying that there have been — in recent weeks, there have been cheap fake videos that have been fact-checked," Jean Pierre claimed. "They’ve been fact-check — by conservative media as well — to say that these videos are false. They’re purp — purposefully being altered."

There is no proof that the videos were altered to change Biden's actions or behavior, or to change the context of the videos.

But here's where the exchange got really interesting.

"So, he’s fine?" Rosen asked.

"That is —"

"So, he’s fine?" Rosen asked again, clearly looking for a straightforward yes or no response and not getting it.

"That is — look —" Jean Pierre said again.


Once again, Rosen asked, "He’s fine?"

"— the President has done more in his three years, three and a half years as president than most modern-day presidents in what he’s been able to deliver. He’s able to do that because he knows what he’s doing. He knows how to deliver for the American people."

She then recited White House talking points without answering the question, according to the official White House transcript:

He’s able to make sure that we attack climate — the climate crisis with the Inflation Reduction Act.  He’s made sure that we were able to create 15 million jobs, 800,000 manufacturing jobs. He was able to make sure that unemployment went down.  He was able to make sure that we are able to have Medicaid actually able to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies.  Something that no other — no other president has been able to do, this president has been able to do.

I think that tells you everything that you need to do by looking at his record.  And what you’re seeing right now is Republicans — instead of talking what I just listed about — what I just talked about, they’re really diving into these cheap fake videos.  And it’s in bad faith. That’s what I’m saying.  What they’re doing is pure bad faith.  And it’s been fact-checked by many, including conservative fact-checkers.

She then promptly moved on to another reporter.


It's quite telling that Jean-Pierre couldn't simply say, "Yes, he's fine," and that she had to resort to the usual boilerplate White House talking points about Biden's record, which, ironically, has been fact-checked many times.

Why not answer the question?

I think we all know the reason. The White House may not admit it, but they know that Joe Biden is losing it, and they attack anyone who dares to ask the question. 

Now that the White House has gotten the mainstream on board with its "cheap fakes" narrative, we know what's next: efforts to report on videos showcasing Biden's dementia will likely be censored and demonetized. This threatens conservative journalism's ability to operate and survive.

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