Trust Me — DOCTOR Jill Biden Has Already Worked Out a Modified 'Weekend at Bernie's' Plan

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A favorite parlor game among American political junkies in 2024 is guessing just how and when the Democrats will "help" Joe Biden make a graceful exit from the presidential race. The guy can't walk 10 feet to a podium without committing dozens of mental and physical faux pas along the way, so it isn't a stretch to think that November must seem like a century away to those who have to measure time in Biden years. 


Before I launch into this, I will issue my standard Election 2024 disclaimer. I have no special powers of prognostication when it comes to politics here in the Republic; anything can happen in these acid-trip, topsy-turvy times. My commentary arsenal consists solely of guesses based on 40 years of observation as a political activist. 

Regular readers of mine know that I have been swimming upstream against the current of popular "replace Biden" conservative opinion, particularly the idea that Gavin Newsom will somehow be placed atop a unicorn and delivered magically to the ticket. As I've repeatedly written, there are way too many moving parts involved with removing the present vice president of the United States from the board. 

Oh, I've heard all the theories; I just don't think any of them are plausible. When most conservatives speculate on what the Democrats might do, they apply conservative thinking to the Dems' motives. They don't realize how committed the Democrats are to celebrating the two diversity checkboxes their double historic first veep filled out for them. 

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We all see the rapid acceleration in Joe Biden's physical and mental decline. That does raise legitimate questions about whether he can make all the way to Election Day. Count me among those who aren't sure that he can. 


I don't know that it matters at all if he's not robust enough to be trotted out for even a photo-op at a polling place on November 5 (Dems running for office are the only ones who vote in person on Election Day anymore). There are a couple of reasons I think this. 

The first is that the Democrats' flying monkeys in the mainstream media have no low bar for shame when it comes to running interference for the drooling husk in the Oval Office. They bathe themselves in mendacity as they run article after article about how sharp and robust President LOLEightyonemillion is.

Let's be honest; they've been covering for a shadow government since January 20, 2021. If they have to start making up stories about why Biden isn't on the campaign trail, it'll just be another day in the B.S. factory for them.

I've been writing for months that the real obstacle to getting Biden out of the way isn't procedure — it's the first lady of the United States. 

I do not believe for a moment that doddering old Joe even wanted to run for president in 2020. He didn't appear to have much enthusiasm, and he was already wealthy from all of that stuff that Democrats insist that Hunter didn't do. 

The 2020 basement campaign convinced me that Jill Biden had created the mother of all honey-do lists and didn't care how much elder abuse she had to commit to force her husband to complete it.


Again, Democrats are very good at orchestrating the outcomes of their presidential primaries. The higher-ups in the party knew that Biden would be a train wreck this year. The time to "help" him step aside would have been before his camp said that he wanted to run for reelection. 

And by "his camp," I mean "his wife." 

Jill Biden is undoubtedly the iron fist that directs the cabal that runs her husband's head and administration. Woe be unto anyone who attempts to thwart her ambition to enjoy the perks of being first lady until January 2029, even her beloved Joe and his diminishing mental capacity. 

Joe Biden spent almost half of a century in Washington before he got to the White House. We know that he was an accomplished influence peddler. The number of markers he has to call in could probably fill several warehouses. His wife no doubt has a mental database of them all. 

Jill Biden knows where the bodies are buried and who to lean on to get her way. The nervous desire among Democratic operatives to have a complete do-over on this ticket may very well be building to unstoppable force levels. Sooner or later, however, it will hit the immovable object that is DOCTOR Mama Jill Biden. 

I know where my money is going in that one. 


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