The Morning Briefing: On Cue, Biden Is Lying About Republicans and Elections

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Trenadya knew that her life's purpose would eventually involve Brussels sprouts, heavy whipping cream, and a deep acquaintance with a KitchenAid wholesaler. 


We are all quite aware that the Democrats struggle with the truth. It's been that way throughout my long life as a political activist. They're not very creative about it, either. They've had cover from their flying monkeys in the mainstream media for so long that they never really had to be crafty when spewing untruths. 

They've gotten even worse since 2016, and the current alleged chief executive officer of the United States of America is the biggest liar of them all. He gets away with repeating stories full of chronological impossibilities, and not one member of the press points it out. On the other hand, entire teams of reporters are dispatched to fact-check what Donald Trump said he had for lunch.

But enough about Joe Biden and his personal catalog of prevarication. He's also had over half of a century peddling the Democratic Party's official laundry list of lies about Republicans. 

President LOLEightyonemillion spent the weekend pandering to black voters, trotting out the ages-old nonsense about Republicans that they use to frighten their base. Rick wrote about Biden's speech last Friday that got the Scary Republican Weekend rolling: 

Joe Biden spoke on Friday at the National Museum of African American History and Culture to an audience largely made up of older black voters and raised the specter of segregationists, hoping to stampede black voters to vote for him.

Biden recalled his meeting with the "Little Rock Nine" and tried to tie MAGA Republicans to the segregationists that opposed them.

“The Little Rock Nine were met with vitriol and violence. Today the vitriol comes in other insidious forms—an extreme movement led by my predecessor and his MAGA Republican allies, backed by an extreme Supreme Court that gutted affirmative action in college admissions. My predecessor and his extreme MAGA friends are now going after diversity, equity and inclusion all across America,” Biden said. “They want a country for some —not for all.” 


The Democrats are the most backward-looking "progressive" political movement on Earth. FDR still drives their economic policy, and race relations in America haven't improved since the late 1950s in their telling of the story. As Rick points out in his post, this kind of garbage still resonates with older black voters. We'll be hearing about the Little Rock Nine in many of Biden's stump speeches from now on. 

The Democrats love to use the "all Republicans are racist" lie to prop up their utter insanity about the GOP and elections. I have a really good memory, and I can't recall a Democratic politician who didn't hawk the lie that Republicans want to make it difficult for minorities to vote. Whenever Republicans try to do anything to help transparency and election integrity, Democrats start shrieking "RAAAAACISM!" like wounded animals. 

Because Biden is Biden, he embellishes his lies with more lies. My Townhall colleague Rebecca Downs wrote about his commencement speech at Morehouse College, where he repeated a complete falsehood that he likes to frequently pluck from his addled brain: 

But then, immediately after, he claimed that "today in Georgia, they won’t allow water to be available to you while you wait in line to vote in an election." To applause, he asked "what in the hell is that all about?" Despite how this has been a line many dishonest leftists have gone with many times before, which has been debunked, Biden went on to say "I’m serious. Think about it."


Of course, Georgia passed some necessary laws to shore up voter integrity, so it's high on the list of places that Biden and Co. have to spread lies about. 

This is one big false narrative that Republican candidates have got to get better at countering. Every time any Democrat anywhere barfs up the "Republicans want to take away minority voting rights" lunacy, there should be a chorus of Republicans countering it. 

Obviously, the corrupt propagandists in the media will parrot and support the Dems' slander, which makes it all the more important for Republicans to learn how to get down in the mud and fight a little better. 

OK, a lot better. 

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