‘This Is a Queer Planet’: NBCUniversal’s Peacock Releases New Series on Gay Animals

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Birds do it, bees do it, even NBCUniversal’s Peacock does it. Normalizing depravity and perversion is all the rage these days, and in service of that goal, the popular streaming service has introduced a new series, “Queer Planet,” celebrating what it claims is homosexuality and transgenderism among animals. Is this a science program? No. Is it a conservation program? No. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: Peacock doesn’t give two hoots about animals. It is just using them to normalize the LGBTQIAEIEIO agenda.


“The idea of just having to fix sexes is clearly out of style,” says the series preview, and there is no doubt about that at all. The idea that there are fixed sexes is indeed out of style, but that doesn’t make it any less obvious reality. The idea that we have to fix sexes, on the other hand, is not out of style at all: the insane leftist dogma that gender is “assigned” at birth is still very much in the ascendancy, as silly and stupid as it is, and this series will only perpetuate it.

Breitbart noted Friday that “the trailer for the series features a narrator proclaiming that the planet is home to roughly 11 million species, as a chyron on the screen asserts that the ‘animal kingdom isn’t as simple as black and white,’” while showing a still photo of what are apparently two male lions engaged in a sex act.


Peacock doesn’t realize it, but that in itself shows how ridiculous this series really is. Do we know what is really going on with these male lions? Have they forsaken females, declined to reproduce, and taken up exclusively with one another? Or is this a random and meaningless act? When a dog rubs up against someone’s leg, we tell him to get down, apologize to the person, and think nothing more about it. NBCUniversal Peacock isn’t there to make a series about the phenomenon of dogs having a “sexual orientation” involving attraction to human legs. 

Maybe that’s coming, if human beings start behaving in the same way, as this series is not so much about animals as it is a long justification of the left’s obsession with all things “queer.” The trailer informs us that “everything you were taught as a kid was wrong,” and that there are “gay penguins, bisexual lions, [and] sex-changing clownfish.”


Well, great. Maybe there are. But what, exactly, does that tell us about human behavior or human morality? Peacock wants us to think that it tells us a great deal. “This is a queer planet,” the trailer gleefully informs us, for “queerness has always existed.” You just haven’t realized this because you’re so, like, uptight, man: “It’s only in humans that we have such a stigma about it.” For actually, “Mother Nature is pretty open-minded.”

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Here again, we see the incoherence of the left. “Mother Nature” is “open-minded,” eh? So there is a conscious being who created and governs the universe? Many, if not most, leftists, would sneer at that idea, for they have rejected the idea of a God who delineates the parameters of morality. The universe is blind and random, they insist, and that means that there really aren’t any parameters of morality at all, and anything goes. 

That, however, would mean that these allegedly gay animals aren’t really examples for us to follow, but just random beings doing meaningless things. And so Peacock invents its own god, to whom it gives the venerable name of Mother Nature, and invests her with its own morality, which involves the dogmas that “sex is not just for reproduction” and that “nature is full of queer surprises.”

In saner times, mothers would tell their children not to behave like animals. The idea of emulating them as moral exemplars never occurred to anyone. After all, it’s a dangerous path to start traveling down. Once we justify “queer” practices on the basis of all these supposedly “queer” animals, why stop at that? There is plenty of other animal behavior we could emulate as well, such as chasing down others, ripping them apart with our bare hands, and eating them. PETA would get into a fine snit if Peacock ran a series hailing that kind of animal behavior, but of course, neither PETA nor Peacock, nor anyone else on the left ever worries overmuch about intellectual consistency. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we’re in the fix we’re in.



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