The Morning Briefing: Michelle Obama Is the New Gavin Newsom in the Biden Dementia Sweepstakes

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Yarndell still had a twitch in his right eye from the trauma of accidentally wandering into “Speedo Square Dance Club” at the community center.


The game is still afoot, and apparently a new player has moved into the Number One spot.

For a news cycle, anyway.

It seems like we delve into the speculation about who will replace Joe Biden when the Democrats finally decide that he has Longest COVID Ever and put him on one last Amtrak back to Delaware. It’s getting an “office pool” feel to it. Buy in for $25, correctly pick the date the Dems nuke Sir Sniffsalot and who his replacement will be, and the prize is yours.

Each time one of these discussions comes up, I’m the lone killjoy voice pointing out that Kamala Harris isn’t going anywhere but up if Old Joe is pushed aside. Until recently, anyway. Some of my colleagues are coming around now.

For today’s Briefing, however, I’ll play along and pretend that the Dems can bring in David Copperfield and make the Vice President of the United States disappear.

Until now, the popular choice among prognosticators for the role of Savior of the Democrats has been California Gov. Gavin Newsom. There has been a contingent insisting that Michelle Obama would be the one on the white horse, though. They’ve been hanging around in the background until now. Then Ted Cruz went and pushed her to the front of the line, which Ben wrote about yesterday. Here’s a tweet he shared in the post:


And here are Ben’s thoughts on the subject:

So I believe Ted Cruz’s analysis is likely to pan out. The new nominee has to be a female Person of Color™ with national name recognition and favorability ratings higher than 40%.

The only monkey wrench in the operation would be whether Michelle Obama could be cajoled into signing onto the project. The Obamas have done very well for themselves in retirement, seemingly above the fray (although they are very much still involved in Democrat operations). But, given enough pressure and consternation about the prospect of Trump Round II, I do believe she could be talked into running.

I’m a big fan of Cruz’s, but I’m not having any of this and I never have. Ben briefly alludes to one of the biggest stumbling blocks, and Athena covers it in detail in a recent VIP post: the Obamas are killing it financially in private life.

The money is, of course, a heavy deciding factor here, but so is something I heard when His High Holiness the Lightbringer was leaving office that I truly believe. A good friend of mine who is a political junkie told me that she thinks the Obamas are motivated by being celebrities. That’s the dream for them.


Politics feels to me like it was a means to an end for them. We live in a time when Washington politicians are hanging around long past their “best by” dates because they’re too addicted to the game to let it go. It’s often tough to believe that not every politician wants to stay a politician forever. The Obamas are Hollywood players now, that’s a pretty sweet gig.


I wrote last week that I didn’t think that Michelle Obama wanted to get a day job, and I wasn’t being flippant.

By the way, Kamala Harris is still around.

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