The Morning Briefing: Garbage Indictments Could Give Trump Electoral Superpowers

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Lyndoria was thought the neighborhood odd bird because she had a fondness for dipping dumplings in discount brandy.


Well, it happened again: I had to reset my “Days Since Donald Trump Has Been Indicted” wall counter back to “0” yesterday.

It is beyond surreal that the Democrats are hell-bent on punishing Donald Trump for questioning the results of an election by proving that they are willing to go to any lengths to tamper with an election. This time they’re making sure that they get a huge head start.

Chris posted a copy of the indictment here.

It’s also laughable that this is happening in Fulton County, Ga., which is basically Philadelphia South when it comes to something not smelling right with the Magic Mail-In Ballot machines. It isn’t criminal to question what happened there in 2020; it’s the sane, patriotic thing to do.

My colleague Bonchie writes over at RedState about what a tawdry spectacle this one was:

Unlike the past indictments of the former president, where the judges took care to not turn the actual in-court proceedings into a spectacle (i.e. by not allowing cameras), this latest indictment turned into a low-budget reality show. The star of the show was the Fulton County court clerk, who welcomed a gaggle of media to follow her around the halls of the court as she solemnly walked the paperwork to her office, surrounded by armed guards. It was reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi marching Trump’s articles of impeachment through the Capitol Building. Everyone knows what’s really going on.

That woman has been waiting all her life to garner that much attention, and she soaked up every minute of it. Upon reaching her office, instead of entering it and dealing with the indictment like she’s supposed to, she paused and posed for the cameras. She then posed the document to the press before signing it as if she were signing the Declaration of Independence. But rest assured, this is all really above board and not at all political.


We’re way past this being a national embarrassment. A bunch of rogue prosecutors working with a “Wink, wink, nudge, nudge,” from the White House and seeking their 15 minutes of fame have put this once glorious Republic on the path to irrelevance and ruin. We already discussed the banana republic thing yesterday, so I should probably lay off of that today, but, hey, it’s at the forefront of all of our minds.

The thing that we have been discussing since the Mar-a-Lago raid last year is that the more they try to ruin Trump, the stronger they seem to make him. Trump himself actually seems emboldened by every new attack. There’s also the fact that each new indictment is a great fundraising opportunity for Trump’s quest to return to the White House.

Democrats would love to see Trump behind bars sometime before the 2024 election. It’s probably all any of them dream about. Their big “Gotcha!” moment might have them high-fiving each other, but, as Anthony wrote yesterday, it’s not really demoralizing the Trump faithful:

Many supporters of former President Donald Trump have refused to waver in their support for him following his most recent arraignment in court. Some pledge to vote for him “even if he’s in jail” for his alleged crimes.

Fox News interviewed several Trump rally-goers in New Hampshire last week, who said they would continue supporting the former president.

“Even if he’s in jail, I will vote for him,” Al from Florida told Fox News. “He’s being indicted because of political reasons. It’s a political game they’re playing, and it’s not right. They’re going to keep on doing it until they get him out of the picture. And he’s a strong survivor.”

Fox News asked Joanne, a resident of Massachusetts and Florida, whether she still plans on voting for Trump despite the former president being engulfed in a series of investigations. “I sure do,” Joanne responded, adding that Trump keeps getting “stronger and stronger” with every indictment.


Even Trump’s Republican detractors find the relentless Democrat political jihad against Trump objectionable. I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve talked to in recent months who had grown weary of Trump’s antics but were growing more sympathetic to him because of these trash indictments.

The Fulton County DA got her face time with the media, insisting that “The law is non-partisan.” I don’t know if Joe and Edna Independent in flyover country see it that way. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like politically motivated persecution, then, well, you know where I was going with that. Nice try, Toots, but we see what you’re doing.

By the time these unhinged prosecutors get done with Trump, he may be wearing a red cape and have an “S” on his chest. He won’t need his plane to fly to his next inauguration.

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