The Morning Briefing: Defund Rich Anti-Capitalist Hippies—Ben & Jerry's Episode

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Xendrina felt that the One Day at a Time trivia knowledge of her boba klatch was severely lacking.


Production Note: The Mailbag of Magnificence will return in its new form next week. We have a situation here. I’ll explain later. “We” is “I,” by the way.

The most “leftists are full of you-know-what” example that people from my generation have witnessed is seeing so many raging anti-American, anti-capitalism radical hippies become wealthy thanks to American capitalism. Lack of self-awareness is the cornerstone of every wealth-building American hippie’s plan.

A great many of the frothing lunatics who raged against the Establishment in the 1960s rushed headlong into becoming the Establishment as soon as they washed off their Woodstock mud, got a penicillin shot, and embraced deodorant. I wrote about how this happened in public education in my book Don’t Let the Hippies Shower.

For the rich hippies, disparaging the very nation, principles, and economic system that made them rich is the fairy dust that makes their fans believe they’re still down with the struggle. The illusion must be kept strong via any means.

Perhaps the two most annoying rich hippies ($150 million net worth each) are ice cream entrepreneurs Ben and freaking Jerry. Robert has more:

PJ Media readers are unlikely to miss Ben & Jerry’s Commie ice cream if all its American stores close, and the Bolshevik entrepreneurs are unlikely to be so consistent as to shut down all their operations in the U.S., but that was the upshot of a July 4 Ben & Jerry’s tweet: “This 4th of July, it’s high time we recognize that the US exists on stolen Indigenous land and commit to returning it. Learn more and take action now:”


The “stolen land” thing is the weakest of all leftist “GOTCHA!” crap. Yeah, it feeds their brain-dead faithful a lot of non-meat red meat. Winning land via colonization is not “stealing.” It’s HISTORY. Leftists can’t grasp this because every part of their emotional and ideological development is stuck in toddlerhood.

Here’s an idea: let Ben, Jerry, and the rest of the rich Hitler Youth hippies give ALL of their money to every oppressed-by-the-Founding-Fathers group they can find. Two white hippies who have amassed that much wealth should surely want to give it all away and show their sincerity, right?  I mean, capitalism is evil, isn’t it? Your ill-gotten wealth is in serious need of a redistribution, Woodstock Boys.

The thing about the ’60s hippies is that most of them embrace capitalism. They just aren’t allowed to admit it. Give them free rein in cities like Ann Arbor or Santa Monica, and they are making BANK. And by “free rein,” I don’t mean no government interference; I mean favorable government interference to the right people. Lefties really take care of their own.

By the way, I’m not one of those conservatives who is going to stomp his foot and pretend that the ice cream these idiot commies make isn’t any good. If you’re doing that, you’re not really being honest with yourself. I don’t even like ice cream that much and they make me want to like it more.

But, hey, Ben and Jerry, do the right thing and give your cash to the Native Americans who have had their land “stolen.”


By the British invaders you sold your company to in order to get rich.

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