The Morning Briefing: Maybe Someone Should Tell Team Biden That China and Iran Are Bad

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Yarek felt that his cornet playing had improved immeasurably ever since he happened upon a vintage Thighmaster whilst shopping at a flea market.


Many thanks to my good friend Kevin Downey Jr. for pinch-hitting and giving me some time off. Not only did I celebrate Father’s Day with beer, but my buddy also cooked up some T-bones that looked like they came from a mastodon in a live-action Flintstones movie. We didn’t shoot anything, but plans were made to grab our new-ish shotguns and head out to the desert soon.

There is something that the Democrats have been doing for a long time that, of course, has gotten exponentially worse since Joe Biden and the cabal that runs his pudding brain have occupied the Oval Office. Biden and Co. are the “Worse-makers.”

Democrats struggle greatly with identifying the real enemies of the United States of America. During the Cold War, it was anybody but the Soviet communists and their puppets. After 9/11, the monsters in their closets were never Islamic terrorists.

As the Chinese Communist Party has accelerated its rise in the superpower world, the Biden Dems have been looking inward. In their minds, America is threatened by Soccer moms and dads at school board meetings. Or Roman Catholics at Mass.

You know, the super scary types.

As far as the real bad actors in the world go, the Biden administration not only doesn’t acknowledge that they’re bad, but they also have a bad habit of cozying up to them.


This is from something Catherine wrote yesterday:

Joe Biden’s cowardly secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is in China, kowtowing to America’s number one enemy–the genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Blinken even asserted, contrary to multiple previous assurances from the Biden administration, that the U.S. does “not support Taiwan independence”—and he even used a CCP propaganda phrase to justify it.

The CCP, which is an illegitimate, usurping, and mass-murdering dictatorship, continually blathers about the “One China” principle—by which they mean that they want to own the free, legitimate, and sovereign republic of Taiwan. The CCP, with its bloody rise to power on the bodies of 500 million victims, has no more right to rule Taiwan than it has to rule mainland China.

But yet one of the top officials of the United States of America traveled to China, where millions of people are persecutedincarceratedtorturedcensored, and murdered by the CCP, and used the propaganda of that same CCP to legitimize CCP claims. This is disgusting and outrageous. It is castrated pandering to the greatest mass murderer of world history and our number one enemy.

If Catherine’s assertion that Blinken is using CCP propaganda to legitimize CCP claims sounds familiar, that describes the Democrats and the mainstream media during the worst of COVID-19. Whatever the CCP said to cover its commie you-know-whats was repeated without question by the Democrats’ flying monkeys in the MSM.


Hey, at least they’re consistent.

There’s a lot of talk these days about a looming war with China. At the rate the Biden administration is going, China will be invited in with honors to occupy the country. The Dems will probably give them a formal dinner at the White House before handing them the keys. But at least the country will be safe from the likes of Catholic churchgoers like me.

The ChiComs aren’t the only really bad regime that Biden’s handlers want to be pals with. The Democrats have had a thing for Iran even since before President LOLEightyonemillion got to really mucking things up. His High Holiness, the Lightbringer Barack Obama was so obsessed with making nice with Tehran that he shipped the Ayatollah and his gang pallets with millions in cash.

All the better to fund more terrorism in the Middle East, which is kind of Iran’s thing.

In a recent VIP post (subscribe here and use the promo code KRUISERMB for a 25% discount), Robert writes that Team Joe has been conducting talks with Iran on the sly. Here’s the opening line from that:

Old Joe Biden’s handlers still haven’t given up on their pipe dream of concluding a deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran that will endanger a reliable ally, Israel, and line the pockets of those who regularly chant “Death to America.”

Many on the left would argue that the Biden administration is merely engaging in the kind of international diplomacy that is ultimately more peaceful and better for the United States.



It’s not really good diplomacy when one side just rolls over for the other. People on the Right are all too familiar with that, because it’s how the Republicans tend to behave during bipartisan negotiations with the Democrats.

Given the Biden family’s history with foreign powers, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that some side deals are being worked for the “Big Guy,” all in the name of diplomacy. Catherine notes in her post that there is some precedent for that.

Man, I miss the mean tweets.

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