The Morning Briefing: Lori Lightfoot Goes From Historic First to Historic Loser

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Kellen felt that his genius for creating avant-garde zombie opera was best channeled when wearing a particular pair of periwinkle cargo pants.


Programming Note: Today is my birthday. After I record this week’s episode of “Unwoke” with the notorious KDJ, I’ll be taking the rest of the day and night off. My good friend Megan Fox will be covering tomorrow’s Briefing. It should be noted that, although it’s the first day of CPAC, Megan will not be there.

We don’t often pay attention to municipal elections around the country here, but what happened in Chicago last night was just too entertaining.

Paula covered the news:

Polls have closed in Chicago and incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her reelection bid on Tuesday. Lightfoot was among a field of eight candidates hoping to lead the beleaguered Windy City. At the time of this writing, Paul Vallas—a former head of schools in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New Orleans—leads the pack with 34.6% of the vote (see below for the current tally). Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson is in second, with 20.23%, and Lori Lightfoot is in third, with 16.58%.

Her defeat is truly stunning in a few ways. Lightfoot was yet another HISTORIC FIRST Democrat. She is both the first Black woman and openly gay person to be the Windy City’s mayor. In theory, she should have been able to rule forever just for checking off two boxes on the diversity résumé. Add into the mix the fact that Chicago has been reflexively electing Democrats to the mayor’s office for 92 years and you can see that she should have waltzed to reelection.


This is the first time in 40 years that a Democrat hasn’t been reelected mayor in Chicago. In fact, the last Democrat who didn’t get reelected was another HISTORIC FIRST — Jane Byrne — the city’s first female mayor.

Maybe Chicagoans are simply misogynists.

Lightfoot quickly established herself as one of the more obnoxious Democratic leaders during the pandemic and the George Floyd Memorial Summer of Mostly Peaceful Rioting. She relished being an authoritarian tyrant, perhaps more than any other Democrat. The photo I chose for today’s feature image perfectly encapsulates Lightfoot’s embrace of the tyrant role.

As 2020 bled into 2021, Lightfoot morphed into an odd combination of harsh enforcer of the rule of law that she made up, and an official who loathed law enforcement.

While Lightfoot focused on playing American Stasi with anyone who broke an arbitrary COVID rule, poorer parts of her city were under siege. She always seemed to be in denial about it, and that’s probably why even Democrats began to sour on her.

In defeat last night, Lightfoot remained in denial. More from Paula:

She bragged about making “real progress on public safety,” a laughable claim considering the reign of terror she’s allowed criminals to have in her city. Lightfoot added that she is “rooting and praying for our next mayor to deliver for the people of the city for years to come.” They’re going to need it.


Whether Chicago will be any better off under a new mayor is iffy. As we have discussed here a few times, whenever you get rid of one awful Democrat, there’s often a worse one waiting in the wings. Look at Kathy Hochul in New York.

After the recall of Chesa Boudin as district attorney in San Francisco, and now Lightfoot’s failure to be reelected, it would seem that even Democrats have a breaking point when it comes to crime.

Who knows? Maybe one day they’ll realize that they should stop electing the idiots who create the problem in the first place.

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