The Morning Briefing: We're Painfully Aware of the State of Joe Biden's Union

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Lysette’s foray into the dark underbelly of competitive Tetris left her with an edge that made her cats a smidge jittery.


Brace yourselves, America. Joe Biden is going to be squinting into a teleprompter for an hour or so tonight, giving his State of the Union address. My friend and colleague Stephen Green will be doing one of his legendary VodkaPundit drunkblogs, which I highly recommend checking out, especially if you’ve never experienced one before.

Biden’s speech will be a real test of his staff’s creative writing skills. They will no doubt be trying to convince us that the United States economy is booming and that we should be grateful to President LOLEightyonemillion for all of the bounties we’re enjoying. That’s going to be a tough sell to citizens who are moving money out of their retirement accounts so they can buy an egg.

The Biden administration seems to believe that if they keep telling us everything is all right, we’ll eventually be dumb enough to believe it. After watching them all run around being scared of, and confused by, a balloon, it is more difficult than ever to take them seriously.

But they really do think we’re idiots, as evidenced by something Mayor Pete said over the weekend, which Catherine wrote about:

Transportation Secretary and Chasten’s wife — er, husband — Pete Buttigieg went on NBC’s Meet the Press on Feb. 5 to preview Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. During that appearance, Buttigieg claimed that Joe Biden is just so wildly successful as president that his accomplishments cannot be easily distilled — hence Biden’s low approval ratings. Yes, Mayor Pete actually said Biden is extremely unpopular because he’s too good at his job.


There is simply too much abundance for us rubes to be able to grasp, don’t you see?

The most galling aspect of this Biden debacle has been the hard sell on him being present and competent. Again, the Dem elites act as if none of us have internet. Or eyes. Biden can’t spend more than 90 seconds in front of a camera without making it obvious that what few brains he once had have long since left the building.

Biden’s handlers are so delusional that they think letting us know he’s got some cookies and milk nearby will reassure us that he’s ON IT.

The theater involved in propping up the drooling husk that is Joe Biden is grotesque and offensive. We’re all witnesses to the most high-profile ongoing case of elder abuse in recorded history.

This tedious production of “Let’s Pretend Grandpa’s OK” has been taking its toll on this once-great Republic almost from the moment Sir Sniffsalot was installed in the Oval Office. National security is a joke. The FBI spends most of its time hunting down and harassing Trump supporters and parents who don’t want their third-graders being taught via drag queen story hours.

Despite the good jobs numbers last month, inflation is still kicking most of us in the backside. A record-high number of Americans feel that they’re worse off now than when Biden took office.


Tonight, however, the president nobody but his wife really wanted will spin a tale that will make Mr. Rogers’s trips to the Land of Make Believe seem real.

Nothing will improve in the United States until this bad cultural snuff film comes to an end.

So, yes, we all know the state of the nation, because we’re forced to live with the consequences of the actions of the people who are telling us it’s all right.

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