The Morning Briefing: Defund Leftist Child Predators in Public Education

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Hector’s flair for the dramatic was always at its best when he was choreographing aardvark bacchanals.


Condolences to anyone who had their day ruined yesterday when the Federal Aviation Administration’s Commodore 64 bought the proverbial farm.

Public education in the United States is getting creepier by the day. Your tax dollars are being thrown away on teachers who are focused on turning your children into woke leftist lunatics. The focus on fundamentals has been replaced by field trips to drag shows and strip clubs. Lincoln covered a story yesterday that’s just sickening:

Remember field trips in school? Usually, those trips were to a museum, a concert, or somewhere educational. Once in a while, you might luck out and visit the zoo or, if the stars were perfectly aligned, you might even get a year-end visit to an amusement park.

I don’t recall ever going to a nightclub, and I lived in a pretty liberal school district. How about you? No? It must be a Detroit thing. You see, recently, Hart Middle School in Michigan took their kids to the symphony and then out for pizza. So far, so good, right? But things apparently got a little crowded at Niki’s Pizza, and so at least some of the kids were taken to Niki’s Lounge, a “sister business” next door, for their dining experience. Middle school kids in a nightclub. There’s a plan. Just as an aside: What pizza place doesn’t deliver to schools? Is there only one pizza joint left in Detroit? Are things there that bad? But I digress.

Of course, kids are inquisitive and love to learn, and when they saw the poles at Niki’s Lounge, they took right to them.

This might not warrant attention if it were an isolated incident. Sadly, we’re seeing more and more stories about public schools and adult entertainment. Most of them are about drag shows, which leftist educators seem to be addicted to. Why bother with teaching the kids math when they can have a book read to them by a dude in a dress?


Any teacher or administrator involved in exposing school kids to drag shows or strip clubs should be legally barred from being around children. These people are predators, not educators. And forget the constant moaning about being underpaid — these people are compensated very well to be creeping on the youth of America.

My daughter has been out of the public education system for almost seven years now. Drag show story hours weren’t a thing when she was in school. I know that not all public school teachers are perverts. The ones who are, however, need to be perp-walked out of their classrooms and hit with court orders that keep them away from schools forever.

Conservatives have been pushing to defund or abolish the Department of Education for years. It’s a boondoggle that all too often fails our children. In my book, Don’t Let the Hippies Shower, I chronicle how the radicals from the 1960s took over and ruined public education in America. The indoctrination rot is real. Leftists would have people believe that it’s something we conservatives are making up, but drag show story hours continue to prove us right.

I am well aware that we aren’t going to be choking off funds for public education any time soon. We can, however, focus on and lobby for more school choice. It’s a winning issue for Republicans that has fallen out of the conversation in recent years. It should be talked about a lot going into the 2024 presidential election. The GOP can brand itself as the party that wants to save American kids from the pervs.


And yes, we should call them pervs.

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