The Morning Briefing: DeSantis Won't Let COVID Vax Charlatans Off the Hook

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Kendra refused to give up her dream of convincing the world that it should embrace the unisex muumuu.


The more removed we become from the heyday of the COVID Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu, the more we learn about the bureaucratic malfeasance. The experts didn’t seem to have much expertise at all and they got to play with our lives.

Lincoln wrote yesterday about some disturbing news regarding the Moderna vaccine:

Moderna submitted a Nonclinical Overview to the FDA to have its vaccine approved. Included in that overview was information that rats born to mothers that had been given the mRNA vaccine had skeletal abnormalities that included conditions such as “rib nodules” and “wavy ribs.” Moderna said the conditions were not considered “adverse.”

Whether or not this is significant for pregnant mothers who took the jab more than likely remains to be seen. In October of this year, the CDC said that COVID-19 vaccines were recommended for people six months and older, including pregnant and nursing mothers and women who are trying to become pregnant. According to the agency, getting COVID-19 could result in complications that could affect pregnancy and a baby’s development.

The point is that Moderna should have told us about the issue with the bone problems in the rats, and the FDA and CDC certainly should have told us. I believe that is called allowing people to make informed decisions about their bodies. And last I checked, that was a very important issue for many.

At this point, people who still trust the government when it comes to public health should be institutionalized. It was all one big snake oil operation and it is still going on. I am constantly bombarded online with sponsored ads exhorting me to get the latest booster. They’re pitching it with some kind of “Bigger and Better” angle that makes it seem like they’re selling laundry soap.


There should be harsh consequences for the bureaucrats and their corporate cronies who did so much wrong during the pandemic. Thus far, there haven’t been. Little Lord Fauci is still running around insisting that he has nothing to apologize for when, in fact, he has everything to apologize for. The guy should be spending his retirement in an orange jumpsuit.

Throughout the pandemic and the hangover we’re now experiencing, the most consistent conservative warrior against the fake “SCIENCE!” crowd has been Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He’s still leading the way, most recently announcing what the state of Florida will be doing to deal with the multitude of shady COVID players in and out of the government.

Stacey has the story:

In a private meeting with the Republican Party of Florida earlier this month, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) indicated that his administration would look for ways to hold COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers responsible for false claims about their products. Specifically, he referenced cardiac side effects from the vaccine and said that Florida would lead in addressing the issue. On Tuesday, DeSantis chaired a COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Accountability Roundtable and previewed the actions Florida will take.

DeSantis and the panel noted that the behavior of medical boards, federal government mandates, and a legacy media funded by Big Pharma allowed the vaccine makers to profit off mRNA technology. The governor then added that several false statements were made about the vaccines during the rollout. DeSantis referenced the claims that widespread vaccination would end COVID, that the vaccinated would not get infected, and that vaccines prevented transmission. “I think people want the truth, and they want accountability, so you need to have a thorough investigation into what’s happened with these shots,” he said.


Refreshing, no?

The scope of what DeSantis wants to be questioned and investigated is impressive. He’s using all the legal means at his disposal to figure out who the worst of the bad-faith actors were. And, in typical DeSantis fashion, he doesn’t have any sacred cows:

“And our CDC, at this point, anything they put out, you just assume at this point it is not worth the paper it is printed on,” Desantis asserted. “And so it’s not serving a useful function. It’s really serving to advance narratives rather than do evidence-based medicine.” To combat the politicization of public health, Ladapo will convene a panel of independent experts to review public health guidance on various issues.

That would be the same CDC that is still worshipped with almost religious fervor by mentally unwell leftists (redundant, I know) in America.

As we move into the Republican presidential nomination sweepstakes, DeSantis’s continued leadership is what sets him well apart from the rest of the contenders.

One might even say it’s his trump card.

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