The Morning Briefing: Fascists' Musk Meltdown Is the Perfect Finish for 2022

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Francine often had relationships to repair after the way she behaved in the Garden Club’s annual “What Are We Wrapping In Bacon?” competition.


In normal times, people like to lament the rapid passage of time when December arrives. “I can’t believe it’s December already,” is the common refrain. These past couple of years, however, the sentiment is more like, “Can we get this mess over with already?”

Just when I thought I would never enjoy the end of a year again, Elon Musk went and bought Twitter.

Before Musk came to the rescue, Twitter had become a sad parody of itself. From around 2009-2015, the site was like a raucous online party for conservative activist types. A lot of us who are friends and colleagues now originally met on Twitter. It was Twitter that got me back on television in 2009 after a long time away.

Then the woketrash got their hooks in it.

Musk began ridding Twitter of fascists almost before the door closed behind him on his first day. The ensuing shrieking and virtual garment-rending from the whiny leftists have been pure entertainment gold.

The narrative from the leftists thus far has been that Musk doesn’t know what he’s doing and that his purging of the leftist idiots will ruin the company. The “Musk is an idiot” thing is my favorite part of that. The guy builds rockets for breakfast but multi-pronouned Jezzmina who used to be an HR assistant at Twitter thinks she knows more than he does.

Twitter is actually humming along under Musk. The fun is back. Accounts that never should have been banned are active again. The traffic is great. In fact, almost NONE of what the left says is happening is actually happening. As I said in a recent podcast, they’re experiencing a collective psychotic break.


The reality is that Twitter was an absolute train wreck of a company before Musk purchased it, which our own VodkaPundit chronicled yesterday:

Before the Elon Musk buyout, Twitter looks like the worst-run tech company ever with new revelations about lax security, no oversight, and a corporate culture geared towards hiding the ugly truth from the company’s own board of directors and the FTC.

It’s a real “inmates running the asylum” scenario that Stephen lays out in his column. Saying that the company was a mess would be beyond generous.

What the Twitter lefties are so upset about is that Musk is exposing them in a variety of ways. The Twitter Files that he’s been slow-playing show them to be a rabid pack of progressive dogs who were obsessed with shutting down a free exchange of ideas. How bad was it? Megan wrote about the latest batch of Twitter Files, which revealed that employees who were from communist countries thought that kicking Donald Trump off of the site set a dangerous precedent.

Musk is also proving that the company can be run without a bunch of pampered millennials who were raised being told that they were special when they really weren’t.

The worst part of this for all of the caterwauling progs is that Musk is having an absolute blast doing it.

This tantrum isn’t going to end any time soon. They’re so divorced from reality that they can’t see that their version of Musk is never going to show up. They’ll be screaming into the void for a long time.

And they’ll be doing it on Twitter, even though they all threatened to leave it.


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The Mailbag of Magnificence

Apologies for not having a Mailbag section last Friday. We may have enough to do a bonus round this week.

Let’s kick off this one with some hate mail from a commie named Vernon, who didn’t like what I wrote about Brittney Griner:

Well apparently your just a Bigot your the one who should be left to rot. Plus the one thing I would guess about you is your probably a Trump supporter. We don’t need people who hate in this country so take your briefing and stick it up your ass.

Vernon: it’s “you’re.”

MeiMei wants some Catholic knowledge from me:

Good morning sir!

‘Tis the season to go to church craft bazaars for all the really good Christmas presents, and I crossed denominational lines to go to St Mary’s Catholic bazaar on Friday. Like any good craft bazaar they also sold baked goods, and I picked up a ring cake with the intention of putting it out at my own church’s coffee set up in the foyer on Sunday. The Granny at the cash box mentioned that she had made the cake with the “good local loganberry liquor”.

I forgot to set it out on Sunday and so took it to work on Monday. I unwrapped it and the waft of booze off it was so strong my boss took a step back. I cut a small slice and got an alcohol rush off it. The boss rewrapped it and said to save it for after hours.  Glad that I had not set it out at my own church on Sunday, because our church board requires pastoral staff to abstain from alcohol, I am now inclined to ask: are Catholics in it for the booze? I have never met a Catholic that didn’t enjoy a good drinks heavy luncheon. I feel like this is a good non-political discussion point that you could answer.


I’ll answer that with a story of my own. I went to my Catholic high school reunion a few years ago and that always wraps up with a Mass and a tour of the school on Sunday. The school president asked my friends and me if we were staying for the tour. I told her that we were itching to get to a bar up the street. She smiled and said, “Did you really think I wouldn’t have any alcohol for you? There are mimosas in the back.” We stayed for the tour.

This is from Kathy:

Thank you for the list of Christmas songs. I can see why you chose what you did.

I absolutely agree with Martina McBride’s “O Holy Night” my favorite rendition. Thanks for the link
David Ball’s version from around the same time had an orchestra behind him and was wonderful from that aspect, but it takes away from the song. O Holy Night [has] been a favorite of mine since I sang it in my church’s Christmas choir many years ago.

New addition to songs I love
“Mary Did You Know”, any version as of now.  My favorite is Kathy Mattea.

For me, worst Christmas song ever.  I have to turn the car radio volume down.
Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” There are other bad versions out there, but I couldn’t listen to that from the first time I heard it. It showcases that he just can’t sing most songs.

Everything Isn’t Always bad from Dec 9 is outstanding.  Thank you.

Merry Christmas. Please keep writing

Merry Christmas and thank you, Kathy! I think I’ve permanently blocked the Springsteen song from my memory. As soon as I navigate away from this I’ll forget it again.


We’ll finish with that today. I’ve held a few in reserve to do that bonus round either tomorrow or Thursday.

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