The Morning Briefing: Squeaky in the Doghouse—AOC Gets Some Ethics Scrutiny

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Lillian is currently undergoing therapy to deal with her long-held belief that all helicopters have spy tech that enables pilots to see her in the shower.


Now that Election Month 2022 is finally over, we can get back to some of our other favorite recurring topics of derision here at the Morning Briefing. I never thought I would be relieved to have a reason to write about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez again, but the midterms were a special kind of tedious.

In case you missed it, America’s Dumbest Bartender has fallen under the watchful eye of the House Ethics Committee.

There is little doubt that AOC and members of her shrieking Squad are frequently on the edge of ethics violations. It’s surprising that it’s taken this long for Squeaky to dip her toes in the hot water.

Sadly, there is no recourse to deal with the fact that the sound of her voice is an offense to eardrums everywhere.

Details of what AOC did to get the committee’s attention are unclear, but Lincoln wrote a post that speculates about the likely cause or causes:

The frontrunner is the Met Gala, at which AOC appeared in a dress that was emblazoned with the words: “Tax the Rich.” The “rich” in question, of course, being anyone but a Democrat. There were two complaints that arose from AOC’s turn on the red carpet. According to the New York Post, and at this point everyone else, one infraction was that the Congressmodel accepted free tickets to the event. The issue here is that had the event been a charity and the tickets been provided by the organizer, no harm and no foul. But the invites were handed out by a for-profit company. Issue Number Two is that ridiculous dress. The dress is an alleged gift that was related to AOC’s position in Congress.


This ain’t my first rodeo, so I’m not naive enough to think that members of Congress are called to the carpet every time they receive gifts that are related to their positions. What, pray tell, could our girl Squeaks have done that would make the committee announce this during the last month that Democrats are chairing it? They could have made it look like a petty Republican hit job if they’d waited another month.

The dirty little secret about AOC and the Squad is that most of their Democratic colleagues don’t like them. You won’t read or hear much about that from the flying monkeys in the mainstream media because they’ll be forced to wear shock collars if they allude to any hint of discord among the Dems. However, if two Republican members of Congress go to lunch with each other and don’t order the same thing, they’re all writing about a civil war in the GOP.

If there is a bus that AOC can be tossed under, we could see a truly bipartisan effort to make it happen.

Of course, it’s highly likely that nothing will happen. When was the last time a prominent Democrat faced any consequences for his or her actions? Ilhan Omar began her tenure in the House by letting her raging antisemite freak flag fly, and all the Dems could muster in response was a general condemnation of antisemitism that didn’t mention Omar by name.


As Lincoln notes, AOC probably was clueless about any wrongdoing because she “doesn’t think that way” and “She’s more a runway model than a legislator.”

Let’s be brutally honest here: Ms. Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t bring a lot of intellectual firepower to the table. She’s like Joe Biden without the age-related dementia excuse. Paraphrasing the old Army commercial, AOC says more stupid things before 9 a.m. than most people do all day.

There’s no reason to put a lot of faith in any kind of internal review, whether it be in the private sector or politics. Still, the House is going to kinda/sorta be in the Republicans’ hands starting next month, so AOC might get a good finger-wagging and a stern note in her permanent file.

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