The Morning Briefing: Dems' Daddy Issues J6 Charade Isn't Winning Hearts and Minds

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Jurgen’s online Dickies shopping sprees were the stuff of legend at his folk dancing club’s ice cream socials.


The J6 House Soviet Select Committee on Daddy Issues recently got back to work after having retreated to their lairs to pull the wings off of butterflies while watching old episodes of Jerry Springer on DVD.

The Democrats were hoping that the antics of the committee’s fascist miscreants would not only foil a presidential run by Donald Trump in 2024 but provide them some cover in this year’s midterm elections. The dream was that the focus on J6 would distract from the fact that a loaf of bread now costs $475 and that the Oval Office is occupied by a guy who can’t string three coherent sentences together and is often seen shaking hands with phantoms.

The Democrats have placed all of their hope in the J6 kangaroo court and the abortion issue to deliver them from themselves next month.

Home-stretch polling indicates that their dreams will not be coming true.

Stacey writes that voters are pretty much focused on what you would think:

It looks like not even a break on gas prices at the pump from OPEC would have saved Democrats on November 8. According to a Harvard CAPS / Harris poll released late last week and a new New York Times / Sienna poll, not even the January 6 Committee’s promise to subpoena former President Donald Trump will save them. As the polls demonstrate, almost no one cares.

The disconnect was apparent when CAPS-Harris asked what voters care about. For registered voters, the top four issues are price increases/inflation, economy/jobs, immigration, and crime/drugs. According to this analysis, approximately 7% of registered voters were interested in the final January 6 hearing. Anti-climactic, to say the least. Even race relations, continually hammered by the administration and Democrats, earned only 6% when voters told CAPS-Harris about the country’s most critical issues.


Once again we see the once formidable power of the leftwing media narrative machine waning. Throughout the past four months, the major media outlets have treated the J6 hearings like the Super Bowl and abortion like a rallying cry not heard since the likes of William Wallace.

All that the D.C. Democrats have managed with this approach is to further reinforce the fact that they have all but forgotten flyover country. They aren’t even that familiar with other Democrats in real America anymore. For all intents and purposes, there are two Democratic parties in the United States now.

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the Democrats fancied themselves as champions of the common man. Their transition to a party of ivory tower elites is complete now. Rather than listen to what the people want, they think they can dictate it.

Their disdain for the average American has been duly noted and will soon be addressed.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

As I am about to go full hermit for a while, the mailbag may be my only contact with the outside world. It’s cold and lonely in here.

Let’s begin with a note from Robert:

On words: Stoney writes:
Just wanted to say I had to look up the definition of Lepidopterology. You entertain and educate. Well done….

This reminded me of reading Bill Buckley’s articles in National Review in the ‘olden days.’ My college English professors didn’t rank my writing very highly, but I’ve always been a reader and seldom needed to read with a dictionary at my side. When I started reading Buckley, I needed an English dictionary, and sometimes a French dictionary helped. Then, when Buckley responded to a reader’s comment about his sentence structure or word usage, he introduced me to the doctorate degree level of English which was (and is) totally unknown to me. 


You keep things interesting and brighten my day.

Thanks for the kind words, Robert. I’m having a similar experience. I’ve been reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest off and on for the past year. My vocabulary is pretty extensive but I run across so many weird words in this massive book that I created a notebook in Evernote just for the definitions I look up while reading. When I finish the book I plan on studying all of the definitions and then being as confusing as I can possibly be to my friends.

Kevin writes:

Before we start selling bumper stickers taking credit for putting Cocaine Mitch and SomeGuy McCarty into power, just remember what they did in 2010 when handed a blank check – nothing. Will they “shut down the government” or pass omnibus spending bills ? 
Will they hold anyone in contempt, and use valid enforcement methods to hold people accountable?
My kids ask me why I quit voting, and I tell them “John Boehner”.
Nothing has changed, regardless of inflation.

This is something that I’ve addressed several times, including in this Morning Briefing back in early August. My skepticism is always high when it comes to the Republicans in Washington. I’ve been Charlie Brown trying to kick Lucy’s football with them for too long. I do, however, believe that the party has changed thanks to Trump. I also don’t think that McCarthy is going to be Speaker. If he is then, yeah, same old, same old.

Chris gives us this glimpse into the workings of his mind:

I’m old enough to remember “finger bowls” in restaurants offered after you’ve had ribs or some other messy finger-food. Just lemon-water, but I suppose it would be good for dipping…or even refreshing sipping.


At the end of a wine-enfused meal with *ahem* adult entertainment, I suppose Jasper could be the Tipper Dipper Sipper from the Stripper’s Slipper. (Hipper than most?)

I definitely want some of what you’re on there, Chris. I’m sober for the rest of the month though. Carry on.

We’ll finish with another one from Momster:

Kruiser!  You broke me!  Your Sansabelt reference has been churning in my brain so much that it has forced me to get a VIP Gold membership.  Oh, I dragged my feet for a long time…out of resistance and cheapness, I guess.  But now that I have taken the plunge I am delighted to have access to the delights of the VIP world.  I knew I would enjoy reading the once-forbidden articles.  However, I have discovered the absolute joy of a comments section devoid of trolls.  That is the BEST part.  I would encourage anyone teetering on the edge of joining to just jump in…you will be glad you did!

Welcome to the other side of the paywall! Sansabelt makes the magic! Make sure you join me and VodkaPundit on Thursday for Five O’Clock Somewhere. Getting the trolls away from the comments has made things a lot more enjoyable. Soon you’ll learn the code for access to the secret Tijuana Donkey Show.

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Thanks for all the emails. Send your notes for Friday’s mailbag now. Let’s make it burst.

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