The Morning Briefing: Hunter Biden Is Free but the FBI Is Rounding Up Pro-Lifers

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Herbert feels that his Spiderman boxers always help him bring his “A” game to Uno Night at Aunt Marge’s house.


Like it or not, we’re finishing up the week here at the Morning Briefing with more tales of federal lawmakers gone bad. I would love to not have to write about the unsavory antics of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents. They keep making their way into the news though.

These days, what they’re not doing can almost be as bad as what they are doing.

Kevin wrote yesterday the Bureau’s latest non-doings regarding Hunter Biden:

After sitting on Hunter Biden’s laptop for years, the feds finally believe they have the goods to arrest him. You know it’s bad when the commies at the Washington Post are writing about it.

They are looking at him on two fronts, tax evasion and lying on a federal form when purchasing a firearm.

That would be the same Washington Post that was part of a concerted mainstream and social media effort to pretend that there was nothing going on with Hunter Biden. The timing here is interesting. I’ve had a hunch that the Democrats are going to try and find some way to shuffle Joe Biden off of the stage permanently soon after the midterms. Maybe Hunter is finally fair game. A Biden family scandal could play a big part in giving Old Joe ample reason to take early retirement.

I’m just spitballin’ here but I can be pretty accurate with those things sometimes.

While FBI agents are busy not doing anything about Hunter Biden they continue to harass pro-life activists. Stacey has the latest on that:

It appears the Department of Justice (DOJ) is combing through old pro-life protests and looking for opportunities to apply the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. Last week, they raided the home of pro-life activist and author Mark Houck with guns drawn, terrifying his wife and seven children. Now Live Action is reporting that the FBI raided the home of 73-year-old pro-life activist Chester Gallagher


I know I feel safer knowing that our nation’s law enforcement is busy keeping us safe from septuagenarian pro-lifers.

Stacey writes that there were 10 other people in this latest federal assault on pro-lifers who were asked to turn themselves in. Remember, these are cases that the feds are going back and manufacturing charges for. More from Stacey:

The parallels between this case and the Houck case are stunning. Like Houck, local law enforcement addressed the actions of Gallagher and the other participants at the time. The Philadelphia municipal court dismissed a private criminal complaint against Houck in July. Likewise, on the day of the event in Tennessee, officers arrested several participants on misdemeanor trespassing charges. There were no charges of verbal or physical assault against the protestors. After they posted bail, the protestors were released.

“Orwellian” doesn’t begin to describe this. This is a federal law enforcement version of a bunch of angry twenty-somethings going through old tweets to find a “Gotcha!” to ruin somebody’s career and/or life. Mean Girls FBI.

For those of you keeping a Corruption Scorecard, remember that in yesterday’s Briefing we featured a story about the fact that while the FBI is targeting pro-lifers, it’s deliberately not investigating the firebombing of a pro-life pregnancy center.

Meanwhile, Joey Scranton’s sleazebag son could be drowning in Chinese hookers and Russian blow and laughing at the law, knowing that he’s safe because there’s an elderly pro-life activist out there who needs to be rung up.


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The Mailbag of Magnificence contributions can be sent to [email protected].

The Mailbag of Magnificence

Let’s begin with this note from “PB” here in Arizona:


Your morning blurb, “Eliza always carried a brisket in the trunk just to give the chasing dogs extra incentive”, was precisely what was needed, this morning.

Like you, I hope President Trump keeps fighting, and winning. If he decides not to run for the Presidency, he will (hopefully) draw fire away from DeSantis (the only other political fighter I’m seeing…)

I wonder if Kari Lake will have Presidential aspirations, once she’s done time as Governor of our state…if nothing else, we’ll get a chance to see if she will fight as well, once in office, as she has proven to do on the campaign trail.

I was skeptical about Kari Lake at first because she’s kind of a latter-day convert to conservatism. She’s really growing on me though. I just want to see her get over this first hurdle before pondering anything else. This state doesn’t need four or eight years of that commie Hobbs.

This is from a very interesting and long email from Mitch. I’m just sharing the first part today:

Stephen – 

Love your work! Love specifically waking up to your hilarious first paragraph.  In my experience libs don’t understand humor so they are always confused by it.

I commented on the website that I think that the only way a new GOP congress could reign in a lawless DOJ is to grant the states the ability to prosecute DOJ officials that violate state or federal law.  It would be in line with states rights and might create some interesting long-term battles on that front.


I do like that idea. The world is already too insane. I would love it if we could get back to a time when I’m not worried about getting a knock at the door for merely expressing my opinions. It would also be super cool to see some actual criminals getting arrested again. I still maintain, however, that a housecleaning at the top has to happen for anything to work.

I liked the second part of your email too, it was all too long though. I may share that next Tuesday.

We will wrap up with this from Teresa:

Dear Kruiser,

While your reasoning about the Veep is fascinating and has merit, I cannot help asking if you’ve considered who the vice president would become were Kamala to ascend to the presidency!? That is potentially even scarier.

An Avid Reader

Yeah, the Democrats’ bench is filled with various looney bin fringe weirdos. My suspicion is that they’d try to get Mayor Pete in there. For reasons I cannot fathom, the Dems are desperate to make him a thing. He’s as bland and stupid as Kamala Harris is nonsensical. One thing would be certain: a Harris-Buttigieg administration would be an endless source of mockworthy material for people like me.

Many thanks to everyone who wrote this week! Time to get those emails to me for the Tuesday mailbag.

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